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This Week@First Jefferson

June 18–27, 2021

Love is the doctrine of this church, the quest of truth is our sacrament and service is our prayer.

This Sunday


“Oh, Yoohoo, Playmate”
The Reverend Annie Foerster, Services available anytime Sunday and beyond
You’ll have to admit to a certain age to remember that tuneful ditty. “Come out and play with me,” it calls, and ends, “…and we’ll be jolly friends for ever more.” ‘Play’ is the theme of Soul Matters for June and we’ll explore the insights and ramifications of maintaining play throughout our life instead of relegating it only to childhood. (It’s also Father’s Day and the start of Summer. I’ll find time for it all.) Come, play with me.

The Questions for Sunday’s Service

What does it mean to you ‘to play’?
How do you play best?

Adventures in Religion: May 10, 2020, through November 7, 2021
Adventures in Religion is meeting by phone, 9:30 am We explore world religions. We are discussing the readings listed in our Buddhism, Part 2, program, on the church website at Find Adventures in Religion on the home page and click on Details to see the program. We read out loud together. No need to read in advance. Contact: Marian Wendel.
This Sunday:
  Buddhism, Part 2
    Buddhism vs. Jainism
    Buddhism vs. Taoism

News to Use

87 Days Until in Person Services Begin!

Give Us Your Names!

Members and Friends of all ages we need names. If next November we do vote to change the name of our congregation, we will need something to change it to.

A few folks have given us suggestions and we on the name change committee might even have thought of a few ourselves, but that's not our job. It really is up to you to help find a new name that aptly defines our mission, our vision, our spirit, and our “public face”. True, under the bylaws only Members can vote, but there is no prohibition against Friends offering suggestions for a new name. Of course if you do want to take part in the vote, Friends, now would be the time to step up to membership status.

You cannot make adobe without straw and you can’t help build a new future for our congregation unless we fill in the blank:

_______________ Unitarian-Universalist Church of Fort Worth Texas.

We have had some simple suggestions like, First, Love, Harmony, Hope, Justice, Peace, and Community. And we have had some fancier ones, like Rejoice, E Pluribus, Pathseekers, All Souls, and All Peoples. Now surely, all y’all must have more ideas than those. So send us your ideas for what should fill in that blank.

Email your ideas—you are not limited to suggesting just one name—and why you think it is a fitting name for our church to:

Eastside Update—June 10, 2021

Eastside held its first mobile pantry event for ZIP code 76119 on May 15 outside McMillan United Methodist Church. Although turnout was lighter than expected, we anticipate increasing numbers with each succeeding event due to word of mouth. The new clients who did come (30 families) were satisfied with their food boxes and clothing selections. In the foreground of the photo below are a new client, an Eastside employee, and a volunteer at the May 15 event. They are standing with some of the boxes of nonperishables that were prepared in advance. When a client was ready to take a food box, the nonperishables were supplemented with frozen meats, fresh fruits, and bread, which had been bagged and kept cold in Eastside’s refrigerated truck. In the background, some of the racks of clothing are visible.

EastsideDistributionAdj (27K)

Eastside is grateful to the anonymous donor who took food to the church in response to the appeal for food, and especially grateful to Mary Kirwin, who donated food and also an afternoon of labor helping to pack boxes of nonperishables at Eastside. It is encouraging to have people respond to a call for help.

The next mobile event will be on Saturday, June 26, from 9 AM to 3 PM, at The Ramp Church at 5430 Miller Avenue. We are not expecting to have the food shortage problem that we had for May 15, but we always have plenty of work available for volunteers, if you are interested. Contact Colleen at

Information Connection

First Jefferson Coffee Hour

Bring the breakfast beverage of your choice and join us in our virtual coffee bar for some conversation and fellowship. We begin the meeting each Sunday at 10:00 and meet for about an hour—sometimes a bit more if the conversation is lively.

To join by computer:
Meeting ID: 783 805 1279

To join by phone:
+1 346 248 7799
Meeting ID: 783 805 1279

Local Vaccination Link

All adults are eligible to receive Covid vaccinations and are encouraged to sign up here as soon as possible. This is an important step toward stopping the spread of COVID-19 and returning to in person services safely next fall.

Our Vision
At First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church, we offer hope through service and the connections we share, we embrace the transforming power of awe, and we seek joy by living our values.

Hope • Joy • Awe • Connection

Juneteenth Celebration!

Celebrate Juneteenth by joining us as we walk with Ms. Opal Lee, 94 who walks each year from Fort Worth to Washington DC in an effort to get Juneteenth named as a national holiday. She will be beginning her walk this year on Saturday, June 19th, walking 2.5 miles from the southside of Fort Worth to the Tarrant County Courthouse. Our congregation is supporting this effort by both walking and by driving in a caravan behind the walk. The walk starts at 11am at 1050 Evans Avenue, Fort Worth. Please contact Mary Kirwin at 817-714-1796, Julie Hevelone at 817-781-9083 or Julia Sexton at 817-846-1038 if you are interested in carpooling. You can also donate to support this effort. Donations can be make using the PayPal link on the church website, or by check. Please mark donations using “Walk” or “Juneteenth.” Additional information will be posted on Facebook in the coming week.

Order Of Service for This Sunday,
June 20, 2021

Welcome & Announcements


Call to Worship Sing for justice, Sway in hope, Play with purpose Rev. Gretchen Haley, adaptedd

Chalice Lighting A Father Is… Annie Foerster

Opening hymn #346 Come, Sing a Song With Me



Story for All Ages The Teacher at the Desk Anonymous

First Response

Generosity Report

Readings Games for the Soul Drew Leader
      Deep Play Diane Ackerman

Hymn #1024 When the Spirit Says Do

Second Response

Communion of Names and Milestones


Musical Interlude

Reading Deep Play (continued) Diane Ackerman

Third Response

Closing Hymn #354 We Laugh, We Cry

Extinguishing the Chalice

Benediction May We Hear the Melody of Life Joseph Cleveland

Next Sunday


What Was I Thinking?
When I turned in the June worship services to be printed in the Courier, I completely forgot that we would be sharing a General Assembly Worship with thousands of other Unitarian Universalists across the country on June 27 at 11am. So, ignore what I wrote there. I’ll do that sermon another day.
Look for the link, or instructions for joining the worship service that Sunday in upcoming emails. In the meantime, only 12 online Sunday services between now and opening day at First Jefferson. The countdown has begun.
Rev. Annie

Notable Quotable

“Juneteenth has never been a celebration of victory or an acceptance of the way things are. It’s a celebration of progress. It’s an affirmation that despite the most painful parts of our history, change is possible—and there is still so much work to do.”

Barack Obama

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