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Getting our young people to religious education classes takes effort and time on your part.  Parents make this effort because they believe that Unitarian Universalism has something unique and important to offer their children.  You can help your child get more out of their classes if you remember these tips.

1. ATTEND REGULARLY (EVERY WEEK IF YOU CAN):  This will help your child to feel like a member of our larger family.  The best way to make deep friendships and lasting ties is to come often enough to share activities and discussions,  We understand that today’s fast-paces life means that all of us (even our children) have many competing demands on our time, but we encourage you to make regular RE attendance a high family priority.  Church is important!

2. ARRIVE ON TIME AND PICK UP ON TIME:  This will help your child get a good start each session.  Classes for all ages will begin promptly at 9:45a.m. with a greeting and sharing time which your child will not want to miss.  Children  feel more comfortable in a learning situation if they have not missed anything by coming in late.  Teachers also find it easier to maintain the flow of the session if they do not have to stop and help a latecomer get settled.  And at the end of class period, picking up your child promptly will allow our teacher to meet their own families for Sunday morning service.

3. STAY INFORMED:  This will help your child participate fully in the program each week.  Look for the special RE section in each issue of The Courier which talks about events and announcements for the RE program.  We also send a weekly e-mail to parents of children registered in the program.  If you know what is going on, you can help your child be prepared for church that week.  Check in periodically with your child’s teachers and ask what’s happening in class.  When your child tells you about what’s going on in RE, refer back to it later in the week at home, too!

4. SHARE YOUR TIME AND TALENTS:  Help your child feel that religious education Is important by volunteering to help in the program.  Children pay attention to what their parents do and value.  If you become involved by teaching, serving on the RE Council or helping with a special event, your child will see that the church and religious education are important to you.  Children learn what they live!

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