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May 2011 Congregational Meeting minutes



MAY 22, 2011



The meeting was called to order at 11:07am by Lewis Morris, Board President, recessed, and reconvened at 12:43pm. A quorum was present.

  1. Approval of May 23, 2010 Minutes
  2. A motion was made by Tasha Morris to approve minutes as written. Motion was seconded and passed.

  3. Approval of December 12, 2010 Minutes
  4. A motion was made by Dan Sexton to approve minutes as written. Motion was seconded and passed.

  5. Thomas Jefferson Service Award
  6. Don Hayward made the announcement of the winner of this years Thomas Jefferson Service Awared – Judy Gutierrez.

  7. Presidents Report
  8. Lewis Morris spoke and provided a written report (on file).

  9. Report on Faith Development Start-up
  10. Julie Tribble spoke and provided a written report (on file).

  11. Minister and Staff Reports
  12. Rev. Jennifer Innes spoke and provided a written report (on file).

  13. Treasurer’s Report
  14. Brenda Jones gave a report of financials as of April 30, 2011. Questions asked by congregation members:

    Sheila McWilliams asked if we were confident that we have a good idea of our accounting, as it pertains to member pledge receivables (money owed for this pledge year). Answer: We have never had a professional accountant, and the program has to be tweaked, but yes, we are absolutely confident.

    Richard Marshall asked if this is a year to date budget. Answer: Yes.

    Sheila McWilliams asked what "supplies" are, as indicated in the budget. Answer: Any item the church purchases.

    Connie Nolan mentioned that the income from the endowment fund can be used for Church expenses.


  15. Stewardship Report
  16. Dan Sexton reported that we have engaged a stewardship consultant, Mary Gleason. We are working with her and have been talking about year round stewardship. Our goal is $182K, and we have to date collected $160K. There are 99 households, and 88% of members have been contacted and pledged.


  17. Budget Presentation and Vote
  18. A proposed budget was presented (on file). Questions asked by congregation members:

    A member of the congregation asked what "housing" is as indicated on the budget. Answer: Part of the minister’s compensation.

    Julie Hevelone asked if we have met the requirements on the stewardship assistance that was offered by the UUA. Answer: Stewardship requirements are divided in three parts. We have completed one part to date, and should be compensated for that in the fall. Part two is the current drive, we are waiting to see results. Part three is next year’s budget drive.

    A member of the congregation asked where the $6K came from (a line item in the budget). Answer: It was a gift.

    Charles Schneeburger asked what the conditions are for us to receive the escrow back on the stewardship escrow. Answer: We have to match the escrow and have the minister at ¾ time.

    Sheila McWilliams asked if we can get another NTAUUS grant.. Answer: Yes.

    Elaine Simpson asked if we reduced the visiting minister line item on the budget. Answer: Yes.

    A member of the congregation asked if we could defer the loan on the building payments and only pay interest. Answer: We have to start paying principal via UUA, a new rate was negotiated.

    Charles Schneeburger asked why the total year mortgage 2011-12 was lower? Answer: There was an error made.

    Julie Hevelone asked what is "training and development" and "professional expenses" (line items in the budget). Answer: Training and development is DBLE, we send 4 people per year. Professional expenses is part of the minister and DRE contracts, which were developed using UUA guidelines.

    Judy Gutierrez made a motion to approve the budget as presented. There was further discussion.

    Julie Hevelone asked about our bank fees. Answer: They are standard fees.

    Sheila McWilliams asked if we have to have live music. There was some discussion, but it was determined that this question has been asked and answered before.

    Sheila McWilliams then asked if we have considered a school fee for RE. Tina Harmuth said that we used to do that, however, now we tell registrants what the cost would be to hold the class, and we wound having more enrollment, not asking for a flat fee.

    Richard Marshall stated that his impression is that the groups in the church should be more frugal.

    Elaine Simpson moved to extend discussion ten minutes. Motion was seconded and passed.

    Nan Terry applauded the board.

    Judy Gutierrez said that there is no fat in this budget. We need to keep all our staff. Running a church without staff is unsustainable.

    Kimmell Jones asked how many Sundays Rev. Jenn preached per year at half time, and how many she will preach at ¾ time. Answer: half time 24 and ¾ time 29.

    Tasha Morris called the question to accept the budget as presented. The motion was seconded and carried by acclimation.

    There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 2:33pm.

    Respectfully Submitted,

    Lori Walker

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