First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church

Board Minutes 2011-01-16

FJUUC Board of Trustees Meeting
January 16, 2011

Present: Lewis Morris, Jean Bruttell, Brenda Jones, Lori Walker, Dan Levine, Melissa Jeffrey, Tina Harmuth, Dan Sexton, Don Hayward, Jennifer Innes, Julie Tribble, Bill Maginnis, Judy Gutierrez

The meeting was called to order at 1:36pm.


• Opening/Chalice Lighting/Check-in        
• Approval of Minutes       
• Additions to Agenda        
• Office Staffing         
• Questions about Coordinator Reports     
• Treasurers Report       
• Staff Reports (Minister, DRE)      
• Board Retreat Planning       
• Stewardship Update/Plan for Mary Gleason   

After Check-In, Lewis asked the new Board members where they would like to see the Church.  Melissa would like to see a more specialized plan on what Outreach is.  Dan would like to see something that is more of a feeling of comfort at the Church with each other and a commitment to stay with the process.  Brenda will say when she gets to her report.

Approval of Minutes:  Tabled until next month.

Additions to agenda:  Brenda added in Rummage Sale conversation, Lori added Proposal for Stewardship, Jean added that we need to discuss the elements of Judy’s position that are not on the job description

Office Staffing: Judy sent revised office assistant job description.  She and the other office volunteers are willing to train whoever we get to fill this position.  She added rentals to the job description, because there are forms that we use for this, and when people can meet during the day and off hours she would prefer not to handle all rentals by herself.  She wants to ask the board to help with the terms of that job description.  She has asked Ed Gore to talk to Geoff Tait to see if he can help with some of the key duplication and training. She thinks it would be good to go back to having board members in the office on Sunday because people come and ask questions, plus we need to have people in the office who can speak about our church and faith. We need to set limits to only contact the office assistant during business hours, so that they are not burned out.  We need to be aware of the care and feeding of an office assistant. 

Questions: Dan L. How many hours a week are we looking for?  Judy says 20 hours per week (excludes all financial secretary activities).

Lewis: So is the job description written for 20 hr week? Judy says she thinks it could be done in 20. (Lewis is concerned about the difference between Assistant and Administrator)

Jennifer mentioned that we will have a certain degree of expectations that are supposed to be accomplished in a week, meaning that the assistant should not expect a “to do” list per week. Judy agrees that the position should be paid more. She thinks that the person up front should know what the expectations are. Tina says that we need to empower the new assistant, with the power of “no”.

We need to determine what we are going to call this position.  We need to make clear what is NOT expected of them. Jennifer said that the idea of an administrator is a larger scope for position; we will not have the hours.  It is reasonable to say assistant. The position needs to be shaped for this congregation, bringing someone in for 6 months and then shape the job description.

Suggested process for Hiring Office Assistant (as given to us by Judy Gutierrez)

1. Need to approve job description: Approved job description.
2. Decide start date: Start date 2/14, but amended to 2/21.
3. Decide what group will perform the personnel tasks: Melissa Jeffrey, Jean Bruttell, Brenda Jones, and Jennifer Innes.
4. Decide what salary will be paid (see UUA guidelines): $11hr with review NLT 6 months.
5. Decide what structure (contract or staff): Hourly W2.
6. Decide whether or not members and friends are eligible: No members or Friends.
7. Decide whether or not office hours are required: Office hours will be set by applicant, and then held to.

Tina made a motion to accept task force, Dan Levine seconded.  Motion passed, unanimous.
Can the board members be in the office during services? Jean will email and set a schedule. 

Questions about Coordinator Reports:  Lewis said that we will expect Coordinator reports one week in advance so we can review them before the meeting. 

Ministries Coordinator:  Worship Arts, COM, Social Actions.  Worship Arts made minor revisions to service. COM talked about recommendations on staff and made Carolyn Gaines permanent chair. They talked about different types of congregational assessment and passed them around. They will decide at their next meeting which tools to use and get implemented and reported on by the end of the year. Dan will try to attend next COM meeting. Social Actions will be conducting a Sunday Service in the spring. They will have a max of 4 speakers of 3-4 minutes each during sermon.  There was nothing controversial or that the Board needs to act on.

Donate the Plate should be handled between Worship Arts and Social Action, who should get plate and what date.

Tina made a motion that the Board will determine how many donate the plates there will be, Social Actions will decide who will be recipient (knowing that Minister’s discretionary fund will be one), and Worship Arts will decide which Sundays the plate will be donated. Motion was seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

Jean made a motion that we keep donate the plate at 4, including Minister’s Discretionary Fund. Tina seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.

Outreach/Growth Coordinator:  no report.

Educational Coordinator:  Tina reported that the Adult RE class that is happening on Wednesday nights is still well attended.  Adult RE’s largest issue is and will continue to be timing for classes.   Don made the suggestion that we re-offer classes at different times to allow others to attend.  Julie said that her office can be used for Adult RE classes. Jean has concerns as well, and Tina said to email her any concerns that we might have to discuss.

Operations Coordinator:  Bill reported that we need to work on painting the outside of the building, sooner rather than later. He also said that we do not clean the carpets enough.  We need more hours for janitorial services for cleaning the carpets. We need to buy a better carpet cleaning machine.

Treasurer report: Brenda pointed out that we have already spent 99.2% of our maintenance and repair budget in the first 6 months of the budget. We are hanging in there, not in the negatives yet.  We are not at the point of locking the front door and walking off, but obviously we do need more for maintenance and a lot of other things.   Some people have paid pledges early, some have made donations.  We also gained some from Julie not starting until October and Judy no longer being paid.

Jean asked if it looks like we might break even. Brenda says that if we have rummage sale, it is possible.

Staff reports

Ministers Report: Jennifer reports that things are going along smoothly, she is working with Worship Arts and particularly active with Stewardship team to make arrangements for Mary Gleason and making arrangements with UUA. It doesn’t look like that will slow down, since we are in the middle of milestones.

Took a day course in “prepare and enrich” which is a program to help people who are looking to get married/make commitment or couples who are already done…

DRE Report: written report provided. Tina suggested that a board member should represent the Church at the races. Melissa told us that there is a cheat sheet on Arlington library site that will help plan our restaurant night. 

Board Retreat Planning: The Board Retreat will be on February 12, 2011 from 9am to 4pm. Facilitator will be Jennifer Innes.  They are working out nuts and bolts but we can plan on an active day.  This retreat is required for all board members.  Tina asked if we have invited anyone from Leadership ID and COM. Lewis will extend invitations. Childcare will be provided for this day.

Will there be a board meeting in February?  No, we will have a staff decision meeting on February 13th? We will determine whether to have a regular meeting at the 13th meeting.

Jean Move that we change hire date of Office Assistant to February 21, 2011. Tina seconded. Motion passed,unanimous.

Stewardship update: Don had a conference call with Mary Gleason.  We are moving forward with the generosity workshop on January 29th, part of the milestone requirements.  Every Board member MUST attend.   Need to have at least 31 members in attendance to meet the milestone requirement.  There is an afternoon session also for Board Members.  It is a workshop that can be useful to any member of the congregation. The morning is personal development; the afternoon is bringing that to the Church. The Board members need to read the book “The Soul of Money”. Dan Sexton has several copies.  We have not gotten the contract with Mary signed.  It is currently being re-worked.  The district was going to give us a front of an escrow account, the expenses in conjunction with that amount were unsatisfactory to the district and we are currently working on a recalculation.  Our current estimation is now $7920. Travel costs need to be counted in, which is what makes this total.  Susan is willing to put the first $4K.  The way the cash flow will work is that the congregation will pay when the consultant comes.  Once the Congregation fulfills the first set of milestones, the money will be reimbursed to church.

Dan S. made a motion to amend previous proposal (which we approved via email last week) for the consultant to include travel costs, bringing total to $7920. Tina seconded. Motion passed unanimous.

Dan S. made a motion to set aside $3920 of Betty Sanders gift of $5000 to cover costs of UUA stewardship consultant? Tina seconded.  Motion passed unanimous.

Rummage Sale

Historically we have a rummage sale every other February.  Marjorie Montgomery has forwarded Brenda some spreadsheets on how to organize the sale.  We are hoping for mid-March sale.  Jean will call Emily and have her find someone to do this.  Tabled. 

Adjourned 4:19


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