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Board Minutes 2011-02-12

FJUUC Board of Trustees Meeting
February 12, 2011

Present: Lewis Morris, Jean Bruttell, Brenda Jones, Lori Walker, Dan Levine, Melissa Jeffrey, Tina Harmuth, Dan Sexton, Emily Wood, Don Hayward, Jennifer Innes. Also present: Caroline Gaines, Tasha Morris, and Tony Lorenzen.

The meeting was called to order at 2:04pm. Lewis read the mission and vision statement.

Additions to agenda:  Tina wants to talk about effective meeting strategies and how to handle reports.  Will discuss this before coordinator reports.

Tony will be observing meeting and making comments which will be indicated in this document by [brackets and italics].

Jennifer says that we need to add to the Business part of the meeting discussion of the additional $1,000 needed by the district. Will discuss directly after additions to agenda.

[Tony wants to know if we are using timekeepers/process observers] Melissa will be timekeeper for this meeting. Tina would be comfortable taking a turn at process observer in future meetings; Jean will do it this meeting.

Additional $1000 needed by district:  Last month the Board approved an additional increase on our part to cover the expenses of the stewardship consultant. However, the district still needs $1000 in our escrow account.  Tina made a motion that the board approve $1000 be taken from the gift we received from Betty Sanders be moved to the escrow account.  Motion was seconded by Jean. Motion carried.

Office Assistant Update:  Jean passed out job description.  We may not have an office assistant in place until mid-March.  Major changes made on description are: benefits, vacation, and pension enrollment automatic after 1000 hours, in job summary they cleaned up language and duplications.  Changed the ordering in qualifications. In essential duties the changes are in facilities and clerical section.  In the expectation, bullets got clearer and language was changed and clarified where appropriate.

[Tony suggested that we lose the Personnel committee and there was discussion about this.  Additionally Tony asked about the personnel committee when Craig left. ]

Jean asked that we have the next board meeting in the end of the second week in March, to facilitate hiring process.  Tina moved that we approve the job description as amended.  Motion was seconded by Dan Sexton.  Motion carried.

Extending Minister’s contract:   We received a NTAUUS grant to allow us to extend the Minister’s contract. Lewis is talking to the UUA, Jennifer and Susan Smith to begin to craft verbiage about the new contract.  He is looking for feedback and wants to appoint a task-force to assist with the work.  This task force will make a monthly report.  The question is how we will actually use the extra hours.

Stewardship Update: Dan Sexton reported that we are working on the communication process and starting a campaign of what goes into the newsletters/ email to prepare for the upcoming stewardship drive. Dan is recruiting for visiting and canvassing stewards.  Additionally he is thinking about the draft budget and questioning what large items we need to restore to the budget (child care, building maintenance, e.g.).  Additionally, he thinks that leadership needs to make statements of what FJUUC means to us personally.  He has settled on dates for most of the activities [Tony asked why Dan was reporting, he is trying to understand the make-up of the Board].

Approval of Minutes: Minutes were approved via email.

Open Action Item: Rummage sale.  Jean has reached out and had no response.  Jean is going to call Karen Burkett to bring the Women’s Alliance into the process.  Item tabled.

Meeting Strategies: We are implementing timekeeper, process observer.  Lewis would like to see us rotate these duties.  He wants us to read reports in advance and bring questions to the meetings.  Also, committees need to be keeping minutes.  We are losing history due to this having fallen by the wayside.  Jean found a form for doing handwritten notes, because we are supposed to be archiving notes and minutes in the office.  The Board will also need to post the Minutes of the meetings in the Library, as part of our transparency effort.  Tina stated that there is a form to allow for process observing, Lewis has it electronically.  Tina thinks we need to work out an annual Agenda.

[Tony said that we have not mentioned the mission of the Church much.  He said that the reason is that a lot of what we are working on does not further our mission.  Part of our work is to focus our work on the mission, how do we get congregation members to handle the issues that we need? Leadership should b e surfacing conflict; we need leaders, not power and authority f igures.  Leaders have to hold crap, and be able to sit an interminably long time and let things work themselves out.  Somebody has to make a paradigm shift…there are multiple conversations going on at a time (1)actual, 2)in our heads, 3)other people are hearing and 4)other people are influencing.) We should be using goal based reporting…what we report should be
Realistic and

Work Avoidance Strategies:
take options off the table
displace responsibility
focus on technical fixes
refocus on an area of competence
work avoidance is not “not working”, you are just avoiding the “real” work

How to overcome Work Avoidance:
cultivate responsibilities
focus on mission
hold steady

The Boards job is to prioritize what the work is and whose work it is.  Our job is not to fix people, because we can’t do that.]

Coordinator Reports: Tina and Dan Levine did not make the Adult RE and RE Counsel meetings, and did not have reports.  Judy Gutierrez is working on small group ministry.  Melissa said that they are looking for someone for publicity to see what we are doing inside the building to publicize, and then starting on the outside.  Then she is going to learn ways to reach outside the community. Dan Sexton wants to do a work day to deal with flood control issues out front, in conjunction with the monthly Work Saturday.  A Finance report was provided.  Brenda says that we have some problems with the balance sheet; she is going to drill down and try to figure out what those issues are and how to fix them.

Staff Reports: No DRE report.  Jennifer is not sure where to put some of her time, particularly staffing issues.  She wants Board thoughts on how to help staff help staff… particularly child care issues. She wants to know whether we would rather that she helps with stewardship or supervise staff?  She has “hit a wall” and has determined that this is something that isn’t reasonable for her to try to accomplish. [Tony said that a lot of us have multiple roles, and every one of those is an opportunity taken away from someone in the congregation to serve.] Lewis says that the Board and COM will be talking about Jennifer’s issues soon, because we need to get it cleared up.

Adjourned 4:19

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