First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church

Board Minutes 2011-03-13

FJUUC Board of Trustees Meeting
March 13, 2011

Present:  Lewis Morris, Jean Bruttell, Brenda Jones, Dan Levine, Melissa Jeffrey, Tina Harmuth, Dan Sexton, Emily Wood, Don Hayward, Jennifer Innes, Julie Tribble and Bill McGinnis.

Meeting was called to order at 1:48 p.m.

• Opening/Chalice Lighting     All    5 
• Check in      All    10 
• Additions to Agenda    All    5 
• Henry the chef’s refrigerator proposal  Lewis    15 
• District Training in June    Lewis    10
• Office Assistant Update    Brenda   15
• Stewardship Update    Dan Sexton   15 
• **Childcare Issues     Julie Tribble   15 
• Board Planning     All    20
• Approval of Minutes    Lori    5
• Review Open Items    All    15
• Coordinator Reports    All    10
• Staff Reports     Jennifer, Julie  10
• Treasurers Report     Brenda   10
• Closing/Adjourn     Lewis

Henry’s proposal regarding an additional refrigerator: Henry Stewart is willing to provide a free refrigerator to the congregation if he can have full use of the current refrigerator in the kitchen.  Melissa made a motion for discussion, which passed. Discussion followed, with members expressing concern that there is no clear way to add a refrigerator that is convenient to the kitchen.  Enough questions arose that the Board approved the motion to postpone further discussion. Dan Sexton will follow up with Henry to see if they can come to a solution. The issue will be discussed and decided next meeting.


District training in June:
There has been a request from SWUUC  for the use of five classrooms over a weekend (1st weekend in June) as a gift from FJUUC to the district. Motion by Jean to approve was made. Discussion ensued. All-church cleanup is two weeks before. We could make calls to get people here for that, and have a potluck lunch. Or we can have the committee chairs ask their committees to commit to specific rooms to clean. (Summer RE curriculum will start after Memorial Day.) Motion to grant the district’s request was granted. Julie Tribble will be the contact person for the district.

Office Assistant Update:
An individual was selected by the Task Force. His name is Karl Thibodeaux. He’s well-experienced in a variety of office work and owns his own business. He can start work tomorrow, 03/14. Jean made a motion to hire Karl, it was seconded, and the issue was opened for discussion. Judy can begin training Karl and plans to train him for two to three weeks. Motion passed.
Tina made a motion to approve the employee agreement once it is amended as discussed (edits are only for error-correction.) Motion passed.

Stewardship Update:
Dan provided a proposed 2012 budget. It incorporates the NATUUS grant for Jennifer’s new contract and some budgeting for programs. The total budget may be met by a 10% increase in pledges. There was some discussion of the $0 line item for contributions to ACT, Eastside Ministries, etc. It was decided that it would be best to leave this line in since it shows our commitment to plan to support these organizations.

Childcare: We are paying well below fair compensation for our childcare. Julie proposed that we pay $12/hr for our Childcare Coordinator and $7.25-10/hr for teenage helpers. She also proposed that we get paid help (one adult) for Chalice Children for two hours on Sunday. Julie further brought information about CPR/First Aid training and childcare training. The CPR/First Aid training is $48 per person, with half being paid by the attendees. The childcare training can be done online for $60 per person for yearly training. There are five individuals that would need to be trained. This training is necessary in order to meet Texas standards for childcare.
Dan Sexton made a motion to approve the increased budget for childcare. Motion was seconded.
Lewis noted that he will need a contract signed to be submitted to the Red Cross if he does the First Aid/CPR training.
The additional salaries and training would result in an increase to childcare of about $900 for the rest of this fiscal year.
Motion to approve the increase in childcare budget carried.

Board Planning:
Tabled until next month

Approval of the Minutes:
Minutes from previous meeting were approved via email prior to today’s meeting.

Open Items:
Personnel Committee – Leadership ID is attempting to fill this committee but has not yet had success.
Rummage Sale – The Portmans have been very helpful; the work is going well. The Rummage Sale Task Force is optimistic about the possibility of this being a successful outreach event as well as fundraiser. The sale will include a sneak peek on Friday evening for the congregation and an open-to-the-public day on Saturday, with ½ price and cleanup on Sunday. The plan for the sale includes a bounce house and food.

Coordinator Reports:
Per Melissa Jeffrey, the membership committee is working hard, including work done in conjunction with publicity and denominational offers. Judy Gutierrez is requesting $100 for small group ministries fee. Melissa will talk to her about using money allocated to membership in the 2012 budget. A written report was also submitted via email.
No verbal report for RE was delivered (a written report had been emailed by Tina Harmuth).
Dan Levine briefly went over his report, which was submitted prior to the meeting via email.
Both our copy rate and our electricity rates have gone down per Dan Sexton.

Bill Maginnis discussed our need for a carpet cleaner. A motion was made by Dan Sexton to authorize Bill to purchase a new Rug Doctor carpet cleaner. The motion was seconded. Discussion followed. Motion to authorize the purchase of a rug cleaner in the amount of up to $650.00 passed. Bill will make the purchase this week.

Staff Reports:
Reverend Jennifer wanted to follow up on the question of her time use, and noted that with the childcare situation more resolved she feels comfortable with being able to focus more on stewardship. She still has to very assertively manage her time to keep from going too far over her half-time schedule.  On any given week, Jennifer estimates that she fulfills her six units of time before she uses two units of time to lead worship and attends meetings and/or events on Sunday.

Rev. Jen also noted that DBLE nominations are coming up soon. The deadline is April 15th and the class will be announced by May 1. Michael Zepeda is planning to go. Jean moved that we send lay leaders to DBLE.  The motion was seconded.

Other proposed names for DBLE attendees: Don Hayward, Seri Sandoval, Morgaine Comeau, Melissa Jeffrey, Carolyn Gaines. None of our candidates qualify to attend as a district person. Motion carried. Motion made by Tina to discuss names for nomination to the district for DBLE. Motion seconded. Michael Zepeda is the first priority, with Melissa Jeffrey in the 2nd spot, Don Hayward in the 3rd spot, Morgaine Comeau then Seri Sandoval as alternate.  Motion passed.

Julie Tribble discussed the DRE Startup’s success. The Startup demonstrated how in line the DRE, the minister, and others were with regard to expectations and vision in the Child and Youth RE program.

Treasurer’s Report:
Brenda noted that we’re over $18K over budget in income, due almost exclusively to grants and (mostly) rentals. We are under budget on expenses.
The net effect of these differences from our actual and projected budgets is that we are actually over $35K ahead of budget for this year. (!!) We were expecting to be $16K in the red and we’re $28K in the black.
Judy was charged by Quickbooks on her credit card and was reimbursed for that expense. The expense that was being charged will be canceled.

NEXT MEETING: Set for 03/17 at 2 p.m.
Brenda Jones noted that she will not be able to make it.

Action Items

Responsible Party
Due Date

Dan will meet with Henry about how to add another refrigerator to the building that is convenient to the kitchen
Dan Sexton

District Relations
SWUUC will be notified that First Jefferson will provide them with a space for Spring Training free of charge.
Julie Tribble

Employee agreement will be amended and Karl will be hired.
Jean Bruttell

Judy will be notified that the $100 for the Small Group Ministries website can be covered by the budget approved for membership.
Melissa Jeffrey

Building and Grounds
Rug Doctor will be purchased.
Bill Maginnis
This week

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