First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church

Board Minutes 2011-04-17

FJUUC Board of Trustees Meeting
Present: Lewis Morris, Melissa Jeffrey, Tina Harmuth, Rev. Jennifer Innis, Bill Maginnis, Don Hayward, Dan Levine, Julie Tribble (Absent: Dan Sexton, Emily Wood, Lori Walker, Brenda Jones)

Name Process Observer and Timekeeper
Additions to Agenda
Approval of Minutes
Committee on Ministries Update re: Right relations and Covenant
Open Action Item Review
Treasurer Report
Leadership ID Report Discussion
Coordinator Report – Operations/Q&A Discussion
Coordinator Report – Outreach/Q&A Discussion
Staff Report - CYRE/Q&A Discussion
Staff Report - Minister/Q&A Discussion
Minister’s Contract Report
Board Planning
1. Packet Additions/processes, etc.
2. Congregational Meeting Planning
Review Meeting’s Action Items and Assignments
Process Observed
Closing Reading – Chalice Extinguish

Meeting began at 12:56 p.m.

Name Process Observer and Timekeeper: Respectively, Don Hayward and Dan Levine.

Additions to Agenda: Possible addition (Lewis) – Henry the chef may attend today. If so, he will have time during the Coordinator reports (building section). It was noted that an update on the progress of Rummage Sale planning will be emailed later this week.

Approval of Minutes: occurred via email; verified.

CoM Right Relations update: Committee on Ministries will customize scenarios for the various committees in meetings to work on right relations. The Board will be asked to kick off this work. In this way, the conversations will be brought to the groups rather than the CoM having to request additional time from the leaders of the congregation.
More discussion on issues regarding the church’s online groups (Yahoo, Facebook, etc.) is ongoing in the CoM. The CoM intends to provide the congregation with tools to handle issues as they arise.

Open Action Items:
? Julie has notified SWUUC.
? Personnel Agreement for Karl has been amended and signed.
? Membership hasn’t met this month so the approval of $100 for the Small Group Ministries website has not yet been communicated to Judy.
? Bill Maginnis has purchased the rug cleaner. It was less expensive than expected ($448) and is working very well.

Treasurer Report: We are $14k OVER budget for income and $12K UNDER for expenses, for a total favorable overbudget of $26K.

Leadership ID:
? Personnel Committee appointees are Marianne Hermann, Ed Lee, Tammy Hayward and Jackie Freeman. Jean moved that these appointees be approved by the Board. Jean has agreed to meet with them for the first few months to act as a liaison for the Board and to get them started. Motion carried.
? Leadership ID has been tasked with finding additional members for the Finance Committee. LID noted that there seem to be THREE committees involved in this: Stewardship, Fundraising and Finance. LID has requested to have a thorough description of the roles for these positions. Lewis has been in touch with other Board presidents regarding this issue, and has found that generally there is ONE committee with several co-chairs, each of which focuses on one of the specific areas noted. There would need to be at least eight (preferably more like a dozen) on the single committee to handle all of the work and management. At FJUUC, we tend to treat the parts of this equation as separate, but our bylaws spell out Fundraising and Finance as parts of the SAME committee. Lewis and Rev. Jen will discuss this matter further.
? NTAUUS: Emily urges attendance of the June 4 Standing on the Side of Love conference in Plano at Community Church. The NTAUUS president will come to FJ to speak at Adult Forum and during service to promote the conference.

Coordinator Reports – Operations: Dan Sexton is absent today; Lewis read Dan’s report to the Board. Main points are as follows:
? Stewardship: lots of pledge activity right now. Tallying pledges will occur soon.
? Dan noted in his written report that painting is needed and volunteers have not been stepping ups. Dan requested that some money be allocated to hire someone for this work. Bill suggests that we hire individuals for fees of under $500 for these tasks. Jean moved that we agree that:
1. The painting needs to be completed. Seconded. Passed.
2. That a process be decided to choose color. Deferred as an action item.
3. That the funds requested be granted. Tabled until color is decided.
Suggestions were for a color-choosing process. Jean will be requesting information on the leadership listserv to find out how other churches handled this.
? We need to review our expectations of Henry and our relationship with him and consider whether those expectations are being met. This will need to be done before we make the decision about whether to allow the installation of the refrigerator that Henry has requested. At the time that Henry’s contract was signed, the point person for him here was Janet Pierce. Judy moved into that role as Janet took on more finance duties. At this point there isn’t really a point person. Karl is holding Henry accountable for his time here, though he still comes in at unscheduled times. The Board discussed conflicts with scheduling and right relationships, and underpayment of rent. Henry does not at this time have an active contract with us.
1. Do we want to continue to have Henry as a renter, and if so who will be organizing/improving/monitoring our relationship with him?
2. Do we grant the refrigerator space he’s requesting? Henry needs to know because he has needs for his catering business this summer.
3. What is our liability for allowing a commercial catering enterprise to be run out of a kitchen that is NOT a commercial kitchen, i.e. uninspected?
Jean made a motion that research be done to determine our liability regarding renting a non-commercial kitchen for commercial use. Rebecca St. John told Julie Tribble that she would be willing to talk to the Board about this issue in an informal capacity. Motion carried.
Motion was belatedly made to discuss the report. Motion was seconded and carried.
Melissa made a motion to authorize Henry to install the fridge. Motion was seconded. Discussion ensued. It was determined that having an additional fridge would not affect the viability of the kitchen for commercial use. Motion failed.
Bill Maginnis will refer Henry to Lewis or to Dan Sexton if he has further questions on the subject of the refrigerator.
Motion was made by Tina to discuss how to improve our relationship with henry as a renter. Motion seconded. Motion passed. Dan Sexton would be the point person for working with Henry, as this is an Operations issue. (Henry’s contract is currently through July). Lewis will bring Dan up to date on the discussion.
? Dan further requested that we authorize additional hours for Randy in order for him to be able to use the new carpet cleaner. Bill notes that it would probably take less than 8 hours per month to get the carpet cleaning done that needs to be. Bill will ask Randy for a report on what results from the time constraints on cleaning regarding tasks undone. The discussion will be tabled until more information is available.
? We need to make decisions regarding the trees that are rubbing the building. Bill Maginnis noted that there a number of things that can be done – the he can do himself – that will help alleviate the problem for as long as a decade or two. The easiest thing to do is to cut the building back and divert water runoff from those areas. It was requested that (although Bill can and most likely will do this work) we get a professional estimate/plans regarding the work. Bill will take some photos and try to get some professional opinions on the work to present at the next Board meeting.
? We need new solar lights for the sign.

Religious Education: A written report was submitted via email. Tina will contact Leadership ID and Membership regarding filling positions on the Adult RE Committee.

Outreach: A written report was submitted via email.

Ministry: Dan Levine also provided an emailed report. Rev. Jen noted that Worship Arts has been discussing how to use the materials we have to reflect our ideas and values in the Sanctuary.

DRE Report: A written report was provided.
Julie noted additionally that average attendance has been 39 children and youth. A fire drill revealed the need for a more reinforced rolling crib with bigger wheels.
From Julie Tribble’s report: there is a new childcare worker, Beya Kabela. Reports are that she is very good with the kids.
On the subject of Board approval of COA t-shirts (required for any items that display the name of the church), Jean noted that this would be a good opportunity to have a process in place for Outreach to help with consistency regarding the church’s image as presented to the public.
Julie is writing an article for the Courier and creating tent signs noting that it’s the parents’ responsibility to ensure that the tables at the back of the Sanctuary are cleaned up after service if their children have been at those tables. This was an issue that Worship Arts raised.
Jean asked as a note that RE fundraising efforts be taken into account regarding fundraising fatigue for the church as a whole in finance discussions.

Minister’s Report: Rev. Jennifer did not provide a written report, but brought up the issue of “side conversations” regarding issues that aren’t being addressed through established channels. Rev. Jen urges the Board to encourage and model direct conversation for the congregation. She’s concerned that members of the congregation may often not be taking their concerns to the people who can most effectively address those concerns.

Minister’s Contract: Progress has been made – the new contract is still being worked on. The contract will be available for Board perusal once it is in its final form. It’s hoped that it will be finalized by the next Board meeting.

Board Planning: Copies of the additions to the Board Retreat packets will be emailed sometime in the next few weeks. Also office rotation for Sunday morning by Board members will be revisited.

The Congregational Meeting is scheduled for May 22. We will need to have an agenda published by May 17. However to be published in the Courier we would need to have the agenda ready by April 22. If not, we can do a separate mailing.
Jean moved that we set the agenda for the Congregational Meeting. Seconded.
? Report on Strategic Plan: Jean recommends deferring this, and have a section in the President’s or Minister’s report, with a reminder that we’ll have an actual Strategic Plan update in November.
? Jefferson Awards is an item that needs to be added to the Congregational Meeting. The committee for this item is usually made up of the last four recipients of it. Those recipients are Mary Kirwin, Danuta Brown, Daniel Sexton and Chuck Spoolstra.

Discussion results:
1. Vote to approve minutes from May 2010 meeting
2. Vote to approve minutes from Dec 2010 meeting
3. Thomas Jefferson Service Award
4. President’s report
5. Report on DRE start-up (Tina)
6. Presentation of committee chairs (Jean will provide Lewis with a list)
7. Staff reports
8. Treasurer’s report
9. Stewardship Task Force report (Dan and Don)
10. Budget presentation and vote.

Motion passed to approve agenda as written above.

Next Board meetings: Tina made a motion to set the next two Board meeting dates. Motion was seconded.
Discussion results:
Tentative date to meet for budget: May 3 at 6:30 pm
Tentative date for Board meeting: May 17 at 6:30 pm
Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned.

Action Items

Area Item Responsible Party Due Date

Personnel Committee  Talk to PC about where their responsibility lies regarding fair compensation and expectations of staff. Jean Bruttell

Building Ask leadership support forum how color-choosing was done for their churches. Jean Bruttell

Operations Contact Rebecca St. John regarding the liability issue of Henry’s kitchen use.  Discuss our expectations of Henry with Dan Sexton Lewis Morris

Religious Education Contact Membership and Leadership ID regarding filling two more positions on Adult RE Committee Tina Harmuth

Congregational Meeting Provide Tina with notes from DRE start-up.  Provide Lewis with list of committee chairs.  Julie,  Jean

Rummage Sale Progress report will be emailed to the Board Tina This week

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