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Board Minutes 2011-07-17

Board of Trustees Meeting 07/17/11
Present: Lewis Morris, Jean Bruttell, Lori Walker, Dan Levine, Dan Sexton, Emily Wood, Melissa Jeffrey, Tina Harmuth, Brenda Jones, Rev. Jennifer Innis, DRE Julie Tribble, Visitors: Bill Maginnis, Henry Stewart

Meeting began at 12:50
Timekeeper: Lewis Morris
Process Observer: Tina Harmuth

Additions to Agenda: Henry Stewart – wants to speak for 5 minutes, added in directly after check-in. During the Treasurers Report the board will move to Executive Session.

Minutes: June minutes were approved via email.  Tina Harmuth moved to approve May minutes; the motion was seconded and passed.

Review Covenant: The board reviewed its covenant with no comments.

Henry Stewart: Henry approached the board with several handouts. He stated that he does have insurance in place that protects the church, and asked to be allowed 6 more weeks to be able to have a smooth transition to his new location. He said that he has used the church 19 times, and that he will pay for his further use. He wanted to wipe the slate clean, and when his time is up here, we part as friends. He stated that the church is liable for nothing in conjunction with his business, and that it is not a requirement for him to be working from an inspected kitchen.

Henry left the meeting.  Jean Bruttell moved that we add 5 minutes to discuss.  The motion was seconded and passed.

There was further conversation regarding the low-risk situation, and the idea that Henry went to congregation members instead of the board with his issues.

Tina moved that we draw up a new contract for the extension of time, with an added clause for termination at our discretion. The motion was seconded.  Discussion was had, where it was determined that Bill Maginnis would be the point person with Henry, as he is at the church often. Jean will draw up the contract by Wednesday. Motion carried.

After a short break, it was determined that due to the conversation about Henry taking such a long time, discussion of GA would be tabled until the next board meeting.

Stewardship: Dan reported that we have received a few more cards, but that the ones we have not received have tended to be reliable contributors in the past. Factual numbers will be sent to the Board by the end of this week.
Future Planning: Jean Bruttell and Tina Harmuth are going to be providing leadership training for the leaders of the church.  Lewis is going to confirm with Susan Smith that the UUA will be providing a compassionate communicator for additional training by the next board meeting.

Requests from Minister and DRE:  Due to Julie Tribble being involved with Hogwarts setup at this moment, Tina made a motion that there be a separate donation plate passed on July 31, to benefit the COA group, as well as the board loaning the group whatever the difference is between what they have raised and how much their trip will actually cost…to be repaid from the fundraiser at the NASCAR race in November. Motion was seconded.  Jean Bruttell thought that the trip should have been postponed until the kids came up with the funds; however this is not possible at this late date.  Motion carried, with Melissa Jeffrey abstaining because her kid is in the COA group.

Rev. Jennifer Innis is requesting an additional offering to support a church in Uganda. Tina Harmuth moved that we approve a second special collection if and when we get Rev. Mark k…..?? Motion seconded and passed.

Coordinator Reports:
Leadership ID: Emily said that she wants to have a committee fair on September 11 for committees to share their goals and try to get new members.

NTAUUS: We need to be considering possibilities for requests for grants as the deadline is soon.

RE: We need 9 more teachers for the fall, and one more High School OWL teacher.

Membership: report provided.

Social Media Policy: Melissa provided a Social Media Policy.  Tina Harmuth made a motion that we accept the policy as written. Motion was seconded and carried. Melissa Jeffrey is also going to provide a photo release for the congregation to use in the future.

Ministries: Report provided.

Treasurer's Report: A Statement of Financial Position (balance sheet) and a Budget vs. Actual were passed out to those present.

The board voted to go into executive session to discuss bookkeeping and staff issues.  Discussion occurred and the executive session ended at 3:06pm.

Melissa Jeffrey made a motion to approve a thirty day probation period for Andy Pierce, to be presented to him with his parents present.  This probation period will have a pass/fail requirement at the end. Motion was seconded and passed.

Staff Reports:

DRE – Julie Tribble provided a potential Child Care Coordinator job description.  She has a couple of people with lots of experience she wants to interview; they are capable of setting up a Mom’s Day Out program in the event that we should decide to start one.  They are not members of our congregation. Dan Sexton moved that we accept the Child Care Coordinator job description as modified.  Motion was seconded and passed.

Ministers' Report: A written report was submitted via email. Additionally, Rev. Jennifer said that Worship Arts and RE are discussing how to best include/welcome children during services.

Meeting adjourned at 3:59pm.

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