First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church

Board Minutes 2011-10-17

FJUUC Board of Trustees Meeting
October 17, 2010

Present: Jennifer Innis, Dan Sexton, Patrick Gutierrez, Don Hayward, Lewis Morris, Tina Harmuth, Jean Bruttell, Julie Tribble, Emily Wood

Meeting start time was 2:15 p.m.


DRE Welcome
Additions to Agenda
Approval of Minutes
Review of Open Action Items
Personnel Committee
Stewardship Update
*Board Positions
Board Meeting Dates
Congregational Meeting Agenda
Minister’s Report
DRE Report
*Board Communication
Membership Coordinator Report
Treasurer’s Report
*Childcare for Adult RE
Area Coordinator Report

DRE Welcome: The Board of Trustees officially welcomed new Director of Religious Education.

Additions to Agenda: Asterisked items above were added to the Agenda.

Approval of Minutes: Tabled pending distribution of the minutes of the last meeting. Distribution and Board approval will take place via email.

Open Action Items: Partially tabled pending distribution of minutes from September’s meeting. The following action items were reported on:
~ Karen Burkett accepted her nomination to the Committee on Ministries and has attended her first meeting. Nan Terry has accepted her nomination.
~ Jean has been working with Henry and those who work in our kitchen to get a plan together for needed changes. Additional coordination is needed for kitchen use as well as a statement of expectations for what kitchen cleanup should entail. Henry has been logging his kitchen use as requested.

Personnel Committee: The possible need for a Personnel Committee was discussed the Board. In the past such committees were formed on an ad hoc basis, often during staff vacancies. It was proposed that there be a standing Personnel Committee of two to three people that meets quarterly and engages staff in discussions of mission, vision, and professional development, as well as goals and responsibilities to be evaluated regularly. The Personnel Committee would be also still involved in any searches for new hires. The possibility of having Jude Olson as a member of the committee or as a consultant based on her HR experience was discussed.
It was suggested that the proposal for forming the committee should be brought up at the upcoming Congregational Meeting. It would be ideal if the committee could be in place in time for the DRE Start-Up in January. Don Hayward will research past members and procedures of Personnel Committees at First Jefferson. Jennifer Innis will put together some information on what other churches are doing in this area.

Stewardship Update: Average increase per household looks like around 15-20%, for an additional $9000 pledged. Feedback on financial information for First Jefferson has been very positive. Work is being done on fulfillment to eliminate or at least mitigate the shrinkage factor. Don is working on an online payment system. Dan Sexton will write up an article for the Courier; Jean Bruttell will be involved in this as well.
Don has been in touch with Mary Gleason, the financial consultant whose services are being procured by the district. He is sending her data such as Board member information (present and future), our strategic plan, and our budget. She is also requesting information about First Jefferson’s history, particularly regarding money. Mary Gleason and Jennifer Innis will be talking this week. Mary also has Dan Sexton’s contact information. Our District Executive, Susan Smith, is being apprised of how this is progressing and is supportive of the consultant work. Mary Gleason is eager to have a conversation with the congregation regarding healthy giving (tentatively, dates in January and February are being looked at for this). Don and Dan will look at the calendar for possible dates on which to schedule stewardship events for 2011.

Board Positions:
The following members are proposed for the next Board:
President: Lewis Morris
Vice President: Jean Bruttell
Treasurer: Brenda Jones
Religious Education Coordinator: Tina Harmuth
Operations: Dan Sexton
Secretary: Lori Walker
We will need a Ministries Coordinator. Some names were proposed; leadership ID is working on this.

Board Meeting Dates: The next Board meeting is scheduled for November 14 at 2pm. This is the weekend of Fall Conference but several of the tracks will be ending early enough that day that most Board members will be able to attend.

Congregational Meeting Agenda: The Congregational Meeting is scheduled for November 21 at 1pm, with the Coming of Age class to have lunch for sale as a fundraiser.
The agenda so far for the Congregational Meeting is as follows:
~ Stewardship Report
~ Vote by the congregation to empower the Board to extend the Minister’s contract and to negotiate further extensions.
~ Board leadership vote
~ Committee on Ministries Report (method/effect of ministry and congregational assessement)
~ Strategic Plan Update
~ Jefferson Award
Proposed items for the agenda in addition to those above should be  sent to the Board.

Minister’s Report: A written report was provided. Currently Rev. Innis is trying to schedule the memorial service for church member Vivian Aldritch.

DRE Report: A written report was provided. Rally attendance was 9 people from FJUUC. There were 6 visitors to Child and Youth RE classes on Sunday, 10/17 and there were 14 total children in Chalice Children.
Julie brought the Board’s attention to her proposal that local UU families in need be the focus of Angel Tree this year.  She will contact the DREs for other UU churches in our area; Jennifer Innis will contact the ministers.
There will be some shuffling of classrooms: the 5th-7th graders will be moving to the Chalice Children’s classroom as they’re in need of more space; the room that they were in will be used by the Coming of Age class. This will free up the DRE office for use by Adult RE classes if needed.
Regarding Childcare, it was suggested that we hire someone trained and certified as needed to fill out our roster for childcare, and also that we have someone available for formal childcare training. This has been something that has been suggested in the past as well. We can get a membership to a website that provides contact information for certified and background-checked individuals for $15/mo and then pay per hour for their services. Randy Gregory would remain as Childcare Coordinator. Julie will do further research in order to provide the Board with firm numbers on the costs.
Julie also brought to the Board’s attention a discrepancy regarding her insurance. Her contract indicates that medical insurance of $450/mo but the policy costs around $426. She requests that the balance be put into her professional expense fund.  The contract will be reviewed by the Board via email to ensure that her proposed resolution will work.

Board Communication: It was proposed that to ensure communication both between Board members and between the Board and the congregation that the meeting notes/minutes for meetings be completed within a week after each meeting and sent via email to all Board members. This would allow Board members who missed a meeting to be apprised of what took place and would also allow for the minutes to be approved via email. The minutes could then be posted for the congregation’s access. Approval of minutes would not then be required as an agenda item for Board meetings unless special discussion was necessary. It was agreed to try this. Don will follow up with Richard on access for posting Board minutes online.

Membership Coordinator Report: A written report was provided. The Membership Coordinator sent it via email as she was unable to attend.

Treasurer’s Report: No report this week as the Treasurer was unable to attend.

Childcare for Adult RE: A discussion of the need for childcare for Adult RE took place. The cost would be approximately $15-20 per hour. No resolution was arrived at, but the Board will be taking a look at whether funds can be budgeted for this next year. It was noted that the times at which there is already childcare (during CYRE hours or on Wonderful Wednesdays) are good for classes but cannot be attended by some members of the congregation (choir members, CYRE teachers, etc.).

Area Coordinator Reports: Regarding Religious Education, in addition to the DRE report it was noted that the Diversity class has been well-attended, with five to ten attendees in addition to members of the Diversity Task Force. Classes on Wednesday nights will commence soon.
For the Service Auction, the last day that tickets will be available at the pre-event price is 10/31. Many donations are coming in. The apple pie bake-off will provide dessert for the event.
Operations: Ed Gore and Bill Maginnis will be working on kitchen drainage. They suspect a problem underground. Professional consultants have advised that the grease trap doesn’t need cleaning. Bill needs volunteers for digging to assess and repair the problem. This is heavy duty work and two to eight adults will be needed to get it done.



Area Action Responsible Board Member

Personnel Committee Research previous First Jefferson committees, both participants and procedures.  Don Hayward.

Research other churches procedures for Personnel Committees.  Rev. Jennifer Innis

Stewardship Proposed calendar dates for 2011 stewardship events. Don Hayward and Dan Sexton

Childcare Assessment of costs for trained/certified individual for childcare and training.  Julie Tribble

Communications Follow up with Richard on access to online resources to publish approved Board minutes. Don Hayward

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