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Board Minutes 2011-11-06

Board meeting notes  November 6, 2011

Attending:  Lewis Morris, Jennifer Innis, Julie Tribble, Tina Harmuth, Jean Bruttell, Don Hayward, Emily Woods, Melissa Jeffries

Lewis Opened the meeting with Chalice Lighting at 4:18pm

Check-In  (4:18 – 4:28)

Approval of October Minutes – The minutes will be emailed out to everyone by Lewis,
after meeting, they were misplaced and not available at meeting.

Lewis had questions to bring to Boards attention form the different Coordinator Reports

1) Personnel Committee – Personnel wishes to offer paid employees 3 weeks of per year plus stated holidays and the week between Christmas and New Years.
A.   The Board wants to see the previous policy before voting on the new revised policy. Prior to next Board meeting, due to employee reviews, the Board will meet specifically for this vote before the Congregational meeting on November 20.

2) Operations – Where are we on church paint color?
1. Prep work – sealing, caulking and priming – were deemed more important. A very strong personality is needed within the church to handle this if no outside company is hired.  Brenda is going to check with Connie Nolan to see if the Endowment fund will cover the priming, sealing and painting of the Church.
Otherwise, it will be tabled until Bill Maginnis is back in the spring and he will oversee it.
2. It has been noted that the floor in the Sanctuary is sloping on the west side of the sanctuary.  The foundation people need to be called to come and check it out.
3. Lighting for Sign in front of church.  The cost of having electricity run to the sign is exorbitant.  There is Industrial Solar Lights that will brighten the sign that run about $600.  It will need to be researched more.

3)  Outreach – Richard Marshall has not yet received the minutes to past Congregational meetings or Board meetings to post on website.
1.   Richard is on board with revamping the website.  He will work with Karl
Thibideaux and Melissa Jeffries on this project.
2.   Lewis will send all minutes to Richard for website

4) Leadership ID – Where are we OR How do we get someone to take on the Service Auction planning?
1. We need to get a Fundraising Committee and they would be over the sub-committee of Service Auction.
2. This brought another point of – Is the Fundraising Committee a part of Finance or does it have a liason to finance?  The point was brought up that not all events are true fundraising, some cost more than they make.  Finance can give a better cost/benefit ratio to fundraising events.
5)Religious Education – The RE is wanting to have a fundraiser to finish off the note  to the church by setting up laptops in Coleman Hall to display the Chalice Art  website for people to order from for Christmas or just because.  It will run for 4  weeks, November 20th – December 11th .  All jewelry would be delivered before  Christmas and the church will receive all proceeds.  Due to the by-laws that any   events that are selling to congregants or using the Church to sell (other than  previously approved dates) needs to be approved by the Board – Tina made a  motion to allow Chalice Art to be sold an additional 3 weeks to RE's fundraising  Sunday for Chalice Art to be sold.  It was seconded and voted on.  It unanimously  passed.
6) NTAUUS Presidents luncheon – Lewis met with NTAUUS President, VP, and Executive Director October 30th .  The main focus of the NTAUUS Board is now on Leadership Development and for the staffing of our Cluster churches.  Pathways church was the main topic of discussion (by the way, Tony Lorenzen resigned from Pathways on Nov. 6th).
7) Staff Reports -
Personnel Comm. and Julie Tribble have been interviewing for childcare workers and Childcare Coordinator again.  Using a Childcare Service was mentioned as a viable source, eliminating the need for a Coordinator.
There was discussion concerning who should have the authority over    Childcare since it is a service offered for the whole church, but it was    decided that the DRE will retain supervision of the positions in Childcare.

8) NTAUUS Grant Proposals – The congregation is being asked to vote on which grant proposals we are going to apply for this year.  The leads of the committees most affected will stand up and witness to the need for their proposal.
1.  Minister's Compensation – Mary Kirwin, Joan Massey and Julie Hevelone
2.  Stewardship Consultant – Don Hayward
3.  Green Sanctuary – Randy Gregory
4.  Accessibility – Joan Carey
The vote will be called when all pros and cons stop being fairly even (more   one sided)
We have received letters from people concerning the pros and cons of our    grants.
Lewis would like the Board to think about and comment on any cons to    each of the grant proposals and share them with the Board via email before   the Congregational meeting on the 20th.

9)Jean has sent out the Green Sanctuary Audit by Oncor Energy.  It is 48 pages, and has a basic summary of report on the first page.

10) Treasurer's Report -
Brenda has set up a separate Special Purpose Fund Acct. for short term    money that is specified for an organization or event,  It has the money for    Guest at Our Table in it right now to be dispersed.  This fund keeps the    money from going into the General Operating acct and being used.

$10,000.00 had to be taken from our Money Market acct to pay for bills that were  delinquent . Brenda is trying to bring current many accounts that were not paid  during the last bookkeeper's tenure.  Most everything has been brought current.
The general pledges are down almost $11,000.00.  If the pledges or some money  is not brought in soon, our money market acct will not last long!

We are at a point that we cannot cut any of our programs, yet we don't have the  congregants to support all of the programs that we provide.


11) Congregational Meeting-
Melissa is going to make the Power Point for the Congregational meeting and  send out to Board for input and changes by Wednesday Nov. 9.
The Speakers planned for the meeting are:  Lewis Morris speaking on UUA
Jennifer Innis – Ministry and Congregation
Julie Tribble – Religious Education
Emily Woods – NTAUUS
Brenda Jones – Finances
Don Hayward – Stewardship
Jean Bruttell and Tina Harmuth -  State of the Denomination (where we are in the   cycle of our budget and what can be done)
Each head of committee for NTAUUS Grant Proposals

Once approved – the packet will be sent to Karl to print – we will staple and  assemble morning of Congregational meeting.

12) Concerning Congregational Meeting -
Congregation needs the plan of action update on the deficit budget – ie:  looking for renters to help make up budget and fundraising.

How are we going to present to the congregation the deficit budget?
~ Do we present issues of why the goals haven't been met?
~ Do we present the position of not having enough volunteers to offset the funds needed to spend to bring church to a presentable condition?
~ We have programs that we can't cut but we aren't able to sustain.
The Congregation needs to be made aware of situation and ask who will step up  to help make it all work?  We are six months into this budget year – we can still  make up a good part of the budget if we can get large buy-in and commitments  from the congregation.

A sub group of the Board will meet to make viable suggestions to congregation  
concerning the budget.  It will consist of Jean, Tina, Lewis and Julie
One plan of action is to have sign up sheets for different committees or short term  commitments for people to sign up for around Coleman Hall for the meeting.

Closing – 6:43pm

Respectfully Submitted by
Julie Tribble
November 7, 2011

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