First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church

Board Minutes 2011-09-18

Board of Trustees Meeting

September 18, 2011

Present: Julie Tribble, Dan Sexton, Tina Harmuth, Melissa Jeffrey, Dan Levine, Jackie Freeman (present for )

Gather, Greet, Refreshments

Call to Order

Chalice Lighting/Centering Moment/Reading

Approval of Agenda/Additions

Approval of Minutes

Appoint/Confirm Meeting Roles

Reminder of group Working Rules – Board Covenant Review

Personal Check-in

Coordinator Reports – Personnel Committee Recommendation on personnel

Staff Reports

Treasurer’s Report

Stewardship Update

Future Planning

Congregational Meeting

Personal Checkout

Closing Words


Meeting begins 12:55 p.m.

Approval of Agenda/Additions

Additions to the agenda were included in Area Coordinator Reports.

Approval of Minutes

Motion made (Melissa) to approve minutes was made, seconded and approved.

Today’s minutes will be emailed no later than Wednesday night per Tina Harmuth.

Appoint/Confirm Meeting Roles

No meeting roles for this meeting.

Reminder of group Working Rules – Board Covenant Review

Personal Check-in

Coordinator Reports – Personnel Committee Recommendation on personnel

Operations: Air conditioner in hallway has been fixed; cost was under $200. There has been some concern that the foundation is moving again. Dan will contact the people who did the work in order to have the area examined again.

Work is being done to decide the color for the building paint; it will be discussed at the Church Council meeting.

Personnel: The Child Care Coordinator job description was handed out by Jackie Freeman, with the notation that the phrase "member of the church" on page 2 must be struck, and the phrase "who has had a background check" will be added after the word "adult".

Jackie also provided copies of the FJUUC Hiring Process. The Personnel Committee will be looking into having a standard FJUUC application that would be used for all employees excepting the Minister and DRE.

Motion made (Melissa) to approve the hiring process. Seconded; approved unanimously.

Motion was made (Tina) to approve pay for the Childcare Coordinator at $11 per hour (this is approximately the average salary for our area as researched by the Personnel Committee). Motion was seconded and approved unanimously.

Jackie and Julie described the applicant, Lucy Amphay, and her background.

Lucy just graduated from TWU with a Child Development degree. She interned with the Probation System and Family Services assisting with families in crisis. She also interned in child care centers. Julie plans to get paperwork filled out and get a background check for Lucy tomorrow as Verify is now functioning again.

A six month contract has been discussed for the initial filling of the Childcare Coordinator position.

A motion was made (Melissa) to extend a six month contract for Childcare Coordinator to Lucy Amphay, pending successful background check. Motion was seconded and carried.

Julie will find FJUUC’s generic contract document to present to Lucy. She will provide it to the Board to look over first.

Janitorial Services: Lewis has sent a proposal to the Board for janitorial services. The cost for the proposed contract would be $195 higher than what we have been paying. Possibly offsetting this additional cost is the fact that professional, twice-weekly cleaning will greatly increase the appearance of the church and its appeal for potential renters. This bid was by far the lowest out of those provided. It does not include carpet-cleaning or floor-polishing.

Lewis will find out what an extensive initial cleaning (over and above the regular cleaning delineated in the company’s proposal document) would entail and how much it would cost. He will communicate this information to the rest of the Board, who will decide whether to approve the addition cost.

Dan Sexton moved to approve the contract from Cleannet for $595 per month, semi-weekly cleanings. Motion was seconded and approved.

RE: An individual’s response to the Board’s letter to the HUUmanist group, a brief response that was supportive in nature, was read aloud to the Board of Trustees.

Outreach: Melissa asked if we need to have a photo-release for adults for the purposes of publicity. The consensus was that we would like for there to be a photo-release form provided to members and friends, and possibly included in the membership packet. Don noted that perhaps a duration for the permission to use photos should be specified, with renewal options. It was suggested than an option to revoke would cover this. It was further proposed that the release should note separate levels of permissions (release for print, for web, for in-house, etc.)

Ministries: Membership has requested that the Board approve a training budget of $150 per person to send congregation members to a retreat for Small Group Ministry at UBarU. Julie Tribble noted that we are trying to get a prominent trainer for Small Group Ministry for a local workshop/training.

Lewis will research what exactly is left in the training budget and whether any of those funds are needed for next year’s DBLE. He will be in contact with Dan Levine on this so that Dan can relate the information to Membership.

Tina moved that $300 be approved for Small Group Ministry training, provided that there are funds in the training budget sufficient to cover this amount without affecting tuition for DBLE next year. Motion seconded and passed unanimously.

Anointed Church, our Sunday afternoon rental, would like additional access to First Jefferson. Their email requests two Saturdays and two Wednesdays per month. We discussed the probability that we will not be able to dedicate rooms on those days, at least not always. However, as Anointed pays us $500 per month to use our church, extending their use to 16 hours per month without additional cost does not seem unreasonable. Lewis will speak further with Anointed about what time and space they really need.

Staff Reports

DRE report: a written report was provided; Julie noted that amount owed by CoA is actually lower than that in her written report by around $100.

Treasurer’s Report

Brenda Jones was not available, but Dan Sexton printed and made copies of the Budget vs. Actual and Statement of Financial Position. He explained some of the line items on these reports.

Lewis reported that an audit has been begun and work is underway to track down discrepancies.

Stewardship Update

The Stewardship Committee has had frequent meetings to work on planning for the Cottage Meetings. The first meeting, regarding Worship, is meant collect answers to the question "What does Worship mean to you?" The Stewardship Committee will be contacting members of the church to invite them personally to the meeting.

The Cottage Meetings are a requirement of the agreement with the district for their support in paying Mary Gleason, the Stewardship consultant.

Stewardship is also working on a key statement for the upcoming pledge drive.

The Healing Workshop, also planned by Stewardship, will occur on Saturday, 10/21.

Future Planning

Office Presence: Membership has requested that there be Board presence in the office on Sunday mornings. We have discussed the need for a rotation previously. The crucial hours for this are 9:30 until 10:45. Lewis requested that the members of the Board make a concerted effort to take some of the time slots.

Karl has volunteered to be the point person for getting First Jefferson rentals. His only request is that we ensure that the interior and exterior of the building are clean. Lewis is still trying to get together a fundraising committee to take some of the tasks associated with rentals and other fundraising. Karl will also be working with Melissa on our website and updating. Melissa will keep Lewis informed of the progress of the website work.

For the NTAAUS grant proposal, it looks like the Green Sanctuary proposal may be the direction for First Jefferson. Another possibility of course is a matching grant for Jennifer’s salary.

Adult RE: There is a need for someone to oversee Adult RE. Lewis has asked that we keep in mind ideas for how to handle lifespan RE at First Jefferson.

Service Auction: No one has stepped up to handle the coordination of the Service Action, which is typically held in November. It was proposed that the Service Auction be moved to early May. We will need someone to start coordination and get donations NOW for a May Auction. The Service Auction has become less profitable over the last several years, so other fundraising options are being pursued.

NASCAR fundraising: For the Hospitality Village, a 7:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. shift, the church would receive $75 per person. There can be 15-20 per day for two days for a potential profit of up to $3K. For suite work, the hours are usually 1 p.m. until 10 p.m. and that’s $100 per day for the church plus tips. A TABC certification is required, and the test costs $17 per person. The dates are November 5 and 6.

Board positions: Positions to be filled will be Leadership ID, RE Coordination, and Secretary.

Congregational Meeting

Melissa Jeffrey will help with planning. An agenda must be ready to submit to the Courier by October 16. The congregational meeting will take place 11/20.

Lewis requests that all agenda topics be provided to Melissa no later than 10/15.

Additional Items:

Regarding formal approval of the Personnel Task Force: Tina made a motion that the Board approve the appointing of Tammy Hayward, Jackie Freeman, Ed Lee and Marianne Hermann as the Personnel Committee. Motion was seconded and unanimously approved.

Personal Checkouts

Closing Words


Action Items




Responsible Party

Due Date


Minutes emailed to Board.

Tina Harmuth

Wednesday evening, 09/21


Contact foundation contractor to have the previous work checked.

Dan Sexton

None stated


Research funds available for training and inform Dan Levine so that he can relay info to Membership.



Clarify the needs, time and space, of Anointed Church.



Find a copy of FJ’s generic contract; email to the Board to look over.

Julie Tribble

No later than Friday, 09/23


Contact Cleannet to determine the cost and details of an additional, extended cleaning and email that information to the Board for a decision.


Within a few days


Brenda Jones will be contacted to add Julie Tribble to the Sam’s credit card for FJ purchases.


None stated




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