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Board Minutes 2012-01-08

Minutes of Meeting of Board of Directors

First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church

A meeting of the Board of Directors of First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church was held on January 8, 2012. Present at the meeting were the following members of the Board: Lewis Morris, Jean Bruttell, Dan Sexton, Melissa Jeffrey, Brenda Jones, Michael Zepeda, Dan Levine, Randy Gregory and Michael Burkett. Also present were Rev. Jennifer Innis, Julie Tribble and Bill Maginnis.

Lewis Morris called the meeting to order at 1:40.p.m. A quorum was present.

1. Approval of minutes.

All present verified that minutes from the last meeting of the Board had been read. Michael Zepeda moved that the minutes as presented be accepted, and the motion was seconded by Dan Sexton. The minutes were approved by unanimous vote. The President would sign the minutes and they would be placed in a permanent binder in the Church facilities.

2. Coordinator and committee reports.

Dan Sexton reported on Operations. The foundation work is going to be done under warranty and will probable be done in March because of winter weather. Paint bids are going to be received. It was determined that painting was the best way to treat the building rather than stain. Research is continuing on finding and/or seeking bids for air conditioner work. The door leading outside next to the Jaggers parlor is also going to be repaired.

Jean Bruttell reported on Fundraising. The fundraising taskforce has not yet had a meeting. It is in the process of determining competitive rental rates for the church facilities. It is also still looking for members and trying to determine activities and functions for fund raising. Irene Forrester will serve as the chair of the R.E. Council.

Michael Zepeda reported on Education. Birthday bags, pen pal and toy drive with Eastside Ministries are in the works and/or already functioning. The first meeting of 2012 will be this week.

Dan Levine reported on Ministry. Almost all of its committees are active. Social activities committee is beginning to plan events. The Service Auction is being planned for spring. Wonderful Wednesdays is functioning well.

Melissa Jeffrey reported on Outreach/Growth. A draft of a draft was handed out with statistics concerning visitors, members and friends attendance. The draft of the draft will be studied and a more formal report given at another meeting. The content of the church’s web site is being evaluated and will be revised hopefully by April. There was a brief discussion of ideas raised at the church governance cottage meeting held yesterday about communications with and to members.

Randy Gregory reported on Leadership. The committee has not met recently, but has been requested to look for a replacement for Judy Guttierez, who wishes to step down from working on Membership.

Lewis Morris gave a report about NTAUUS. There is to be a NTAUSS meeting in two weeks to award grants. Lewis is going to the meeting and invited all to attend.

Jean Bruttel reported on stewartship/fundraising. She passed out a summary of the notes, observations and suggestions made by participants at yesterday’s church governance cottage meeting and announced that 18 people attended plus those who helped host the meeting. It was suggested that Board and staff study the results. Note was also made that it would be a good idea for there to be a visible Board presence at most church functions. Recruiting was going on for 30 people to help with the financial drive. A Board retreat was also discussed and the announcement made that it would be held on a Saturday in early February. The exact date and times would be announced soon.


2, Staff reports

Rev. Innis had a written report that was sent to the Board. The report is the same as her article in the last Courier. See the Courier article for that written report.

Julie Tribble said that no RE meeting was held in December. Average attendance on Sundays is 30. She also mentioned the pen pal program and Guest at the Table starting up.

3. Additional items

Lewis said that he was contacted by Generations who requested that the church consider reducing the amount of rent owed for the months of November and December. For various reasons, Generations did not make full use of the church as in times past and asked that it be charged only for the time the church facilities were actually used as opposed to the flat rate usually paid. After discussion, the Board reached a consensus that the request be honored. It was noted that this was not to be a permanent change.

4. Treasurer report

The Treasurer gave a written report showing cash received and used and a statement of financial position. Both are attached to these minutes. Another report was given with comparables to actual use and budget. However it was noted that the numbers used as budget numbers were not necessarily accurate and could not be used seriously for comparable purposes.

5. Executive session.

The Board went into executive session to discuss personnel and salary.

6. Result of Executive session

After the Board came out of executive session, it was noted that the Board had tentatively approved a raise for Karl Thibodeaux during its last meeting in December. After discussion is was the consensus of the meeting that the vote taken in December would stand and Karl’s raise would take place effective January 1, 2012.

7. New business

Jean Bruttel briefly outlined some thoughts on whether and how a shared presidency of the church would/could/should work. An initial discussion concerning the concept ensued. It was determined that this is a matter that was not in need of immediate attention. The Board affirmed that it would return to the discussion and individual members would give thought to the idea.

A request was made for additional child care for two of the covenant groups. It was noted that some of the budgeted child care was not being used and the additional amount was small. However, in the discussion that followed, it was determined that additional information was needed. That information would be brought to the next meeting, and no action was taken.

8. Board of Trustees Goals and Re-covenant

This would be brought up and thoroughly discussed and presented at the Board retreat in February.

There was no more business brought before the meeting and it was adjourned at 4:00.

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