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Board Minutes 2012-04-15

Minutes of Meeting of Board of Directors
First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church

The monthly meeting of the Board of Directors of First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church was held on April 15, 2012.  Present at the meeting were the following members of the Board:  Lewis Morris, Jean Bruttell, Brenda Jones, Michael Burkett, Dan Levine, Randy Gregory, Michael Zepeda and Melissa Jeffrey.  Also present for some or all of the meeting were Rev. Jennifer Innis, Julie Tribble, Danuta Brown and Kim Lowe.

The meeting was convened at 12:40 p.m. by Lewis Morris.   A quorum was present.  Melissa Jeffrey was designated as the time keeper/observer, and Michael Zepeda was designated as the process observer.

1.  Approval of the Minutes.

All present stated that that they had read the minutes of the March meeting as previously submitted by the Secretary.  Michael Zepeda moved to approve the minutes as submitted, and Melissa Jeffrey seconded.  The minutes were approved by unanimous vote.  The President signed the minutes, and they were place is the permanent binder in the Church facilities.

2.  Special Committee Report

Danuta Brown reported on the status and readiness of the Service Auction as she saw it.  In her opinion, it was not ready to go on April 28th.  Discussion followed with concern expressed as to the number of items donated, the number of tickets sold and the estimated cost of putting on the auction versus anticipated revenues.  Observations were made that the date was not optimal because of a lot of other activities scheduled.  It was thought that it would be better to postpone than put on a poorly stocked and attended event.  The opinion was expressed that previous practices in organizing the auction have not been followed to a substantial degree, and there appears to be a lack of contact with other UU churches or friends or members who have moved away for participation in the auction..  Jean Bruttell made the motion was made to postpone the auction to a date to be determined in the fall or later.  Melissa Jeffrey seconded.  Further discussion followed.  The suggestion was made that the auction be postponed.  It was noted that if this happened, all present service auction committee members would probably resign.  Kim Lowe, the committee chair, appeared and gave her view of the readiness of the auction.  She reported that $200.00 in tickets had been sold today, that another 30 or so items are anticipated to be given for auction for a total of 70 items and that the expense of putting on the auction would be very low.  She felt that the church would benefit from the auction and that there would be a positive revenue flow.
A vote was finally taken on the motion.  It failed to pass.  The auction will be held on April 28th as scheduled.  Lewis will let the Service Auction team know that after discussion the board agrees with them about moving forward with the scheduled date and asking for specific ways the board and other leaders can help gather in more donations and tickets sales. Lewis also to let Danuta know since she was scheduled to do database work this week on donations for the auction

3.  Coordinator and Committee reports.

RE.  Michael Zepeda gave a brief report.   Discussion of the problem with piano practice and bible study group was postponed for later in the meeting.
Ministry.   Dan Levine gave the report.  Francis Moore Lappe will be speaking on June 24th.  She has asked that her fee and the church offering to dedicated to the Small Planet group.  Discussion was held that there should be publicity for this event because of the notoriety of the speaker.  Dan Levine will  get Worship Arts to send publicity info on Frances Moore Lappe to Melissa ASAP so she can have press releases sent far and wide.   Nancy Hynes will head up all groups making up the Small Group Ministry group.  Dan also confirmed that he would be leaving the Board because of other commitments.
Outreach.  Melissa Jeffrey submitted a written report and it is attached.  There was some discussion about the messages on the Wayside Pulpit.  It was noted that some visitors have come to the church specifically because of the messages they say on the Pulpit.  It was recommended that there be outreach type  messages instead of just notations that were internal to church activities.
Operations.  Dan Sexton was not present.  Julie Tribble stated that Bill Maginnis oversaw some of the teenagers in caulking on the church  building during the overnight party last night.  Lewis said that that the church cleaning service strongly suggested stripping and re-waxing the floors.  The cost would be $1,775.00.  The Board passed on having the work done right now. Julie Tribble reported that leveling work has been done in the sanctuary area.
Leadership ID.  Randy Gregory submitted a written report.  It is attached.  Randy Gregory made a motion to  appoint Rebecca St. John to replace Michael Burkett as Secretary of the Church and to replace Dan Levine on the Board as the Area Coordinator for Ministries.  Michael Zepeda seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.
Stewardship.  Jean Bruttell and Rev. Innis reported that as of today, the church has 68 pledge cards in for a total of $133,224.60.  This amounts to an average pledge of $1,944.00.

4.  Staff reports.

RE.  Julie Tribble submitted a written report.  It is attached. 
Minister.  Rev. Innis submitted a written report and it is attached.

5.  Executive Session.

The Board went into executive session at 2:20 to discuss personnel chain of command, the status occupied by church volunteers and an on going problem.  The Board came out of executive session at 3:10. 
As a result of the discussion held during executive session, Jean Bruttell made a motion that the Board of Directors affirm its commitment to the Personnel Committee and Rev. Innis to research, define and establish volunteer staff roles and volunteer roles that constitute staff positions and lines of supervision as to the various levels of volunteers.  Randy Gregory seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.

6.  Return to committee matters.

Michael Zepeda brought forward his concern about possible demonstrations occurring at the General Assembly in Phoenix and the involvement of the church teenagers in the demonstrations.  It was reported that no demonstrations are actually planned and thus no problems are anticipated.
The report was given that the church needed to nominate persons for the Dwight Brown Leadership Experience.  Jean Bruttell made the motion that the nominees be Irene Forrester, Seri Sandoval, Laurie Mikitka and Gail Lockwood.  Michael Zepeda seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.   Lewis will inform them that they've been nominated to the district Dwight Brown Leadership Experience and request their attendance

7.  Nominate members to Committee on Ministry.

Rev. Innis submitted her nominees as follows:  Joan Carey, Connie Nolen and Kris McVean.  Leadership ID submitted two nominees in addition to those submitted at last month’s meeting::  Mary Costello and Thea Chambers.  Thereafter, upon vote, the following were chosen to serve as the Committee on Ministry:  Don Hayward, Mary Costello and Joan Carey.  Connie Nolen was chosen as an alternate.

8.  Treasurer report.

Brenda Jones submitted her report in writing with financials.  It is attached.  She also reported that the Finance Committee is nearing completion of a suggested contract between the Church and Absolute Bookkeeping.  Once it is tentatively finalized, the contract will be submitted to the Board.

9.  Congregational meeting

Discussion was held concerning the congregational meeting and the agenda to be followed.
The tentative congregational meeting agenda was discussed, adjusted and approved for posting to the congregation in the newsletter.
In the treasurer's report it was noted that the April statements have adjustments to prior month's reporting. The newly hired bookkeeper has found slight discrepancies noted at the executive meeting and made the adjustments. It was also noted that transfers from the money market account in this fiscal year have exceeded $20,000. Cash flow is still not the best but we do seem to have turned a corner financially. Pledge payments are coming in, and we need to keep our pledge commitments right up through June, the end of the fiscal year. To facilitate the financial discussion in the May Congregational Meeting,, a Finance Forum is scheduled after potluck on Sunday, May 6th in Coleman Hall. The thought is to allow plenty of time for presentation and discussion on this past year's finances, freeing up the congregation to look at next year's budget versus income in the congregational meeting.

There was no further business to come before the Board, and it adjourned.

Approved by the Board on the _____ day of May, 2012.


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