First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church

Board Minutes 2012-08-19

Board Meeting
August 19,2012

Present:  Lewis Morris, Jean Bruttell, Randy Gregory, Dan Sexton, Michael Zepada, Melissa Jeffrey. Jennifer Innis, Julie Tribble & Gail Lockwood

Julie Tribble is to be acting Secretary,  Dan Sexton – Process Observer and Michael Zepada as Time Keeper

Reading of the Board Covenant – Lewis Morris
Coordinator reports -
Leadership ID:  Randy Gregory
Has a lead on Secretary – no answer yet.
Caring and Sharing – Thea to help find names.  Peggy Portman has stated a willingness to co-lead Caring and Sharing.
Committee on Ministries needs 2 members and a new chair (Carolyn Gaines is moving off.
*Action Item is to go over to the September Board meeting *
Personnel and Stewardship need chairs for their committees by end of year – Randy has some leads.
Board:  Only three Board members are staying on after December.  Need names for Board openings.
Leadership ID will notify Lewis and Jennifer of the next LID meeting.

Ministers Report Submitted:
Jennifer has pointed out that we should be careful of how we are with each other and conscious of our choices.  How the meeting and questions will be put forth and the focus to the congregation will be on where we are and how are we moving toward what was defined in the Minister start-up.

DRE Report Submitted:
Conversations about the Journey's classes and other Adult RE classes on moving into Coleman Hall – moving Coleman into an adult RE space using  portable dividers

The Spare Coordinator portion was spoken to and the concern of having people that do not know enough about the RE act as the front person.  So only folks in the congregation (preferably parents) will take on that role and be able to speak to how RE counts.

Treasurer's Report Submitted by Finance Committee:  Reported by Dan Sexton
We are building up a little each month financially.
Finance Committee will be posting the Sources and Uses of Cash  on the sign-in portion of the website.  The Cash Inflow and Outflow will be posted in the Courier.
David Mikitka has funded the rebuilding of the bridge and a request will be posted in the Angel Section that the funds were fronted and would someone care to contribute to fray costs.

We have a need for the Endowment Committee to meet to sign a Broker agreement. The notion that we need to look for more people to populate the Endowment Committee was addressed.

Stewardship:  Jean Bruttell
Stewardship wants to post in the Courier a Distribution list of how many people donated at each level of stewardship

Topic Discussion:  Moving Forward with our Ministry, Where are we as a Church? -Lewis
This is Board work that is to be done before the Cottage meetings begin.– we are following the UUA Self-Assessment tool that is found on the UUA website.
Google – UUA Congregation Self-Assessment ( it is 39 questions )  Take and send the results to Lewis and Melissa. (Michael Zepada and Dan Sexton and Nancy Hynes to take assessment)  
? *Lewis and Melissa to take the results and make results into a form.*
? All of congregation will be taking the assessment as well.
How many facilitators are needed? Is still under consideration.
The first 3 Cottage meetings will be getting information – the 4th meeting will be the results.
All of the cottage meetings will be identical in the tools used.

As a Board – We need to speak to what really concerns us – we have split leanings and need to come together and speak to our concerns – with no interuptions and questions.
Lewis commented on needing a retreat to speak to how we can become a team – instead of being in a place of distrust.  We need it asap because we need to start working toward November Congregational meeting.
Sunday August 26, 12:30 – 2:30 Board Meeting – closed! With potluck lunch. This meeting will be a closed meeting to allow the board to work out it’s issues on becoming a better functioning body.

Rental Task Force Submitted: Reported by Lewis Morris and Julie Tribble
Day Care Rental:  Cynthia and Sissy met with Karl, Lewis and Julie T about leasing our RE space for a daycare.
We are very excited about the possibilities and have a few more questions for them but the  Board is all good! With a few questions to be answered.

Generations Church:  down to 4 members and has asked for a drop in rent to $50 week for September
Jean motioned to table until next month.  Melissa seconded.  Vote passed

New Business:  Healthy Congregation book  is going to be discussed in Adult Forum beginning in September.  Facilitation will be once a month on the Third Sunday of each month.  Randy has volunteered to facilitate and Jean to publicize.

Action Items:
Board:  Committee on Ministries is needing 3 members to fill that committee.  The nomination process will be done at the September board meeting.

UUA Congregational Self-assessments:  Lewis and Melissa to collate and get results from assessments for final Cottage meeting. Results of the assessment will be announced at the September 30th cottage meeting.

Rental Task force to meet with Cynthia and get questions answered and do a preliminary contract to be looked at by Board

Everyone on Board needs to read Healthy Congregations.

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