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Board Minutes 2012-10-14

Board Meeting Minutes – October 14, 2012

Meeting was brought to order by Lewis at 1:07PM.  There was a reading, chalice lighting and check ins.  We had a quorum.
Michael Z. agreed to serve as Secretary.  Jean B. as Time Keeper and we all agreed to serve as Process Observers.
At the September meeting, Lewis had an action item to contact Susan Smith re: the congregational assessment.  He has done this.

Operations Report:
Where does the task of painting the church stand?
Is it possible to get this done before winter?

Action Item:  We’re waiting on a roof claim.  Where does that stand?
Lewis suggested starting up the Building Committee again.  We have maintenance needs for the following:
Coffee maker

Randy delivered a report from Leadership ID:
Need candidates for V.P., Outreach Coordinator and Ministry Coordinator.
Jennifer Cox was suggested as a possible candidate for Outreach or Publicity.

NOTE:  A side-bar conversation was had where we discussed the effectiveness of the coordinator model we’re using.
Action Item:  Plan to discuss the role of the coordinator position at the Board Retreat.
Action Item:  Need to complete the candidate slate by filling the remaining open positions.
Nancy mentioned working on a list of questions to pose to committees.
We discussed the possibility of getting Irene F. to DBLE in summer of 2013 with the intent to add her to the Board as Education Coordinator.

DRE Report:
The Coming Of Age class would like to do a fundraiser/crafts show in early December to replace the Alternative Bazaar.

Either the first or second weekend in December.
Decision made for second week as first Sunday in December is tree trimming party.
Jean B. made a motion that the Board approve the use of both Coleman Hall and the kitchen for this purpose on the dates of December 7, 8 and 9th.
Set up Friday night, December 7th.
10 AM to 5 PM on Saturday, December 8th.
10 AM to 2 PM on Sunday, December 9th.
Nancy H. seconded this motion.
Board voted and the motion passed unanimously.

Ministry Report:
Nancy made a motion for First Jefferson to host a Small Group Ministry conference during weekend of March 22, 23 and 24 of 2013.

Jean seconded the motion.
Board voted and the motion passed unanimously.

It was announced that the next meeting of the Finance Committee is 6:30PM on 10/23.
Still need to establish the agenda the November congregational meeting.
Get reports from committees ahead of time.
Lay out the agenda.
Finalize the Power Point presentation.
Examine the agenda from last November to plan for this November.
Have conversation on ‘listening opportunities’ and continuing steps in the assessment process.
Get the Board recommendation on professional ministry out to the congregation in November.
Board agrees to meet on Saturday, October 20th at 10AM to continue this conversation.

Action Item:  Carolyn Gaines will be asked to speak to the ‘state of ministry’ at the congregational, as head of the Committee on Ministry.

Respectfully submitted,
Michael Zepeda, Education Coordinator

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