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November 2012 Congregational Meeting minutes

Minutes from Congregational Meeting 11/18/2012

In attendance 48

Meeting Convened – 11:06
Meeting Recessed – 11:07
Meeting Reconvened -  12:50

Opening Words by Reverend Innis
Chalice Lighting
Review of Relational Covenant

Review of Minutes from June 3 Congregational Meeting
Susie Dycus motioned to approve, Second by Dan Tribble
Motion carried

Minister Staff Report – Reverend Innis
Reminded us that we have had an opportunity to look at ministry over the past few months.  Discussed difference between full time and part time – perhaps long distance – ministry.  These discussions have given us an opportunity to reflect upon what we want.  Anticipate more conversations about what the congregation is in relation to the minister and vice versa.  She commended what has been accomplished in past three years by the congregation with this transition.  Encouraged thoughtfulness in making decisions and to encourage “what is the choice for health?”

DRE Staff Report – Julie Tribble
Average attendance is up 7 from last year.  Classes are all full this year.  Jo Burnham taught every Sunday over the summer!  There is some question as to whether there will be programming over the summer.  Please volunteer.  RE Council has filled in areas that Julie has no longer been able to fulfill with her decrease in hours.  Christmas pageant is planned for December 23, The King’s Quilt.  Black Friday daycare is available, fundraising benefits Coming of Age Boston trip.

NTAUSS Report (North TX Association of Unitarian Universalists)–Emily Woods
The name may be changing to North Texas UUs.  Daniel Polk is now executive director and has an office at First Church of Dallas.  NTAUSS activities are included in the handout.  The Award’s luncheon is at Oak Cliff on January 12.  There is online paperwork to fill out to make a nomination, due November 26. 
We received a grant for this past year to supplement Rev. Innis’ salary.  This year $65,000 will be split evenly between 13 congregations.
February 2 there will be a reproductive justice workshop.
Stewardship training is March 2.
Annual leadership conference is June 1 at First Dallas.

Regional News
Regional transitions are underway.  We are the Southwest Region.  The districts have been combined.  We now have 4 regions.  The information is in a yellow pamphlet, located in the foyer.  There will still be more changes coming.  UU World magazine contains good information regarding this.

Rental Task Force – Julie Tribble
Task force consists of Julie Tribble, Karl Thibbideaux and Lewis Morris.
Renters include Al-Anon group ($120/month); astrological society; Toddler’s Den Daycare – an affiliated group rented the kitchen this summer. 
Toddler’s Den will be using RE wing, with exclusive daytime use, excluding Julie’s office.  They will also be using kitchen as a shared space.  They will be using Coleman Hall from 3 – 6 pm, exclusively on weekends.  They will pay 60% utilities for the first 6 months, until we can figure the increase in the building usage.  They are a for profit business.  If we owe property tax for their usage, they will pay.  They will pay for the $1 million for building and $500K for liability insurance required.  We spoke with Mike Burkett and a Randy Gregory’s brother, who reviewed the contract for us.  We signed an 18-month contract.  Both parties have right of refusal after 18 months.  We may make up $19,200.  In contract, stipulates that if utility usage greatly exceeds 60% or is less than 60%, we may change the numbers sooner than 6 months.  They will be paying for cleaning and supplies.  We must have building cleaned and stocked on Sunday evening.  Shared cost of carpet cleaning and floor stripping and sealing twice a year for areas they use.  They are paying for waste management dumpster.  We are looking into getting an accordion door to block of the RE wing, so the rest of the building may be used.  They have offered to provide Sunday childcare or nighttime childcare.  They have offered to cook for meetings.  This may impact summer camp programming.  They will be using storage closet.  Our cleaning closet will be the mop closet in Coleman Hall.  Their freezer/refrigerator will be in the closet.  This undertaking was discussed with key people at Westside regarding their experiences with a full time renter.
Hoping to see $1750 per month from rentals we have arranged so far.

Finance Report _ Mary Kirwin
In the past few years, we have had a great succession of treasurers, but have not always have a full finance committee.  The committee has been reconstituted.  The committee has been very focused on cash flow, managing through QuickBooks.    Current, year to date for July 1- October 31 (4 month period).  Income $68, 094, compared to budget of $74, 365.  We are lacking 8% projected income.  Our expenses are 4% higher than predicted.  Greater than anticipated deficit is $13, 158.  Expenses are up, because 1.  We were still catching up from bills that were all ready owed from previous year.  2.  No budgeted janitorial expenses.  3.  Utilities higher in the summer.  (We pay flat rate monthly).  As of today we owe November mortgage $4000, owe payroll, behind on pension plan.  Karl noticed that pension plan had not been funded since 11/2011.  We have budgeted for the pension fund.  We have instituted a procedure to fund going forward.  We may, however, be up to $6000 in arrears for past funding.
Our member donations are doing very well.  We are 11% income vs. pledge statements for 4-month period.  Pledge income is 70% of income.  General donations are low, under on special events (mostly service auction).  We have budgeted to achieve $20K from service auction.  Rental income is tracking and should meet or exceed expectations with addition of daycare.  We still need to see money from grants and specified donations to meet budget.
Expenses – Personnel expenses are doing well except for pension and catch up for payroll.  Contract employees in good shape.  DRE specified income toward healthcare has been met and paid.  Clarification that janitorial staff is included in budget, but not as a line item. 
Dan Tribble is concerned is payment discrepancy between DRE and pianist.  Personnel committee will need to address.
The conversation was continued with Jennifer and Susie Dycus. 
We have four accounts with Frost – Checking, Money Market with reserves, Securities Cash Account (brokerage account for Shirley Johnson fund), designated account for other specified donations.  Endowment fund at $136,191 as of October 31, invested in mutual fund.  Current liabilities, finance committee continuing to examine for accuracy.  Long term liability – UU loan down to $548,000.
Asked to examine Coming of Age for accuracy. 
If income doesn’t continue to come in as projected, and in light of the fact we can’t deplete our money market reserves, we may need to look at making more cuts.  What can we do – if you can pay forward pledge until April service auction, if can increase pledge; add to collection plate, volunteer – especially for service auction and stewardship drive in spring.

Judy Guittirrez motion to accept finance report.  Jo Burnham second.

State of the Ministry – Melissa Jeffries
We had four meetings.  It was clear that there are few participating young adults..  Large percentage of households don’t have children.  The next step is recommendations for actions – small changes and barriers.  Another step is going into community for input.
Summary of listening sessions.  Focused on Staff supervision, pastoral care, worship, right/relations/covenant and membership and stewardship.  Many of the things discussed had little to do with the minister, and if they did, had to do with her availability (3/4 time status). 
Susie Dycus – when she attended meeting, comment was that Jennifer needed to work on her preaching.  Melissa responded that on delta chart was more about preaching about God.  There were opposite views in different sessions.
Jennifer clarified that all statements in the listening sessions were attributed.  The invitation is still open to talk to Jennifer about what you meant or to clarify comments made.
From survey – “we aren’t sure if we are happy or not”.  Still concern that we are not inclusive enough.

Board’s Recommendations – Dan Sexton and Lewis Morris
Congregational assessment was that we want more ministry.   Concern is that we can’t afford more ministry.  In this current year, pledges and rentals up.  We have increased our expenses concomitantly.   Board feels need to build back reserves, and only way to do so is to reduce minister from ¾ time to ½ time.  Goal is to get financial truck back on track, and then look at where we can go.  Projections show that if we continue at this rate, we should have surplus in 2014.  The hope would be to expand hours back in 2015.
Tammy Hayward – Concern with assumptions that pledges are up because of fundraising, not ministry and that money will continue to come in if we cut staffing.
Dan clarified that we will continue to discuss this in January.
Judy clarified that pledges increasing includes the fact that members have moved, gotten ill, or had to decrease their pledges for other reasons.
Dan Tribble pointed out that Service Auction can’t raise $20,000.   Jean and Dan Sexton clarified that $20,000 is all fundraising, but we haven’t followed through on all of this.
The current board is part of the task force for the Auction.  The Re Council has agreed to help with theme, food, etc.
Jennifer Cox – reiterated the need for passion about our church.  She expressed the need for activities and service in the neighborhood.
It was suggested that we  attend the board meeting to make our opinions known.
Current attendance count at 225 – 51
Lewis – This is his last congregational meeting.  Thanks to everyone.   Would like the congregation to interact with the people in the neighborhood, get involved.  Lewis is very committed to the community involvement of this church and to professional ministry.

NTAUSS Proposal – “Fund ways to get to know our neighbors”.    The grant could cover the cost of demographic information, get perspective of neighborhood on our church, speakers or classes on service needs of our neighborhood, micro lending. We have an invitation from Eastside Ministries to participate more extensively.  This is unique among previous grants received by NTAUSS.  This gives the congregation the opportunity to attend and participate.

New Business-
Lorraine Levine – Concerned with flag being flown in front of church.  Proposes that flag only be flown around patriotic holidays.  Seconded.  There is a consensus that needs to be discusses.  Tina Harmuth moves to table.  Julie Hevelone moves to table.
Susie Dycus calls the question.  Vote passes to table.  Recommended to put on next month’s Board Agenda.

Presentation of 2013 Board Nominees-
President - Jean Brutell
Vice President – Lin Wells
Secretary – Rachel Hawkins
Treasurer – Judy Gutierrez
At Large/Leadership ID – Randy Gregory
Area Coordinators
Ministry – Gail Lockwood
Outreach – John Johnson
Education – Michael Zepeda
Tina Harmuth moves to accept the current list of Board Nominees as posted and listed, Connie Nolan seconds.
Tasha Morris would like biographies – which were in Courier.
Lewis Morris calls for nominations from the floor.
There were none.
Connie Nolan calls the question
Motion carried.

Current Leadership ID committee is serving second year term.  No members will be elected.

Chalice Extinguished

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