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Board Minutes 2013-01-05

Board Meeting Minutes - January 5, 2013

President Jean   Bruttell called the meeting to order at 1:45 p.m.  

In attendance:  
Jean Bruttell, President
Judy Gutierrez, Treasurer
Rachel Hawkins, Secretary
David Mikitka, Operations Area Coordinator
Gail Lockwood, Ministry Area Coordinator
John Johnson, Outreach Area Coordinator
Michael Zepeda, Education Area Coordinator
Randy Gregory, Member at Large
Rev. Jennifer Innis, Consulting Minister
Also present: Julie Tribble, D.R.E. and Tammy Hayward.

Meeting opened with reading, chalice lighting.  

Michael Zepeda agreed to be timekeeper.  Rachel Hawkins agreed to be process observer.

Tammy Hayward came forward to express concern with having a half time minister.  She is concerned that our financial gain may not continue at the same rate with a part time minister and DRE.  She encourages us to look forward to whether we can afford the building.  Randy Gregory suggested that we need to consider it seriously, but perhaps not yet present it to the congregation.  

The covenant established at the Board Retreat was reviewed.  The results of the brainstorming session and covenant developed at the retreat are attached to these minutes as Attachments 1-4.

David Mikitka requested clarification on the structure of the area reports to be submitted prior to each board meeting.  Jean Bruttell clarified that the format was not strict, but should include status updates of each area, if there is any, action needed.  The organizational chart was reviewed to determine who is responsible for various areas.  Jean Bruttell also directed us to page 18 of the Board of Trustees packet for committee descriptions and contact information.  

A video entitled Agenda as Prayerbook was shown.

The December meeting minutes were distributed and discussed.  Judy Gutierrez suggested we table the approval since they had not been reviewed yet.  There was no objection, though Michael Zepeda reminded us that this would delay their placement in the binder in the library.

Staff Report:

Rev. Jennifer Innis reminded us that tomorrow is the deadline for the NTAUUS leadership luncheon next Saturday.  

Treasurer's Report:

Judy Gutierrez distributed the Treasurer's report.

Reimbursement of expenses cannot be completed without a Check Request for Purchases/Reimbursement and a receipt.  Forms are available just outside the office. Additionally, Judy distributed a blank form to each member of the Board.

Income from July 1 - December 31 was $104,355 (budget was $111,546). Expenses from the same period was $106,827 (budget was $116,870).

Expenses are below budget primarily because of unpaid bills.

We exceeded the Challenge Grant by $3400.

The mortgage is current.

The day care we are anticipating is expected to bring in $7200 for the remaining six months of the current fiscal year.

The service auction team hopes to raise $20,000.

Judy Gutierrez will be prepared to discuss the budget with the congregation next Sunday, and has asked Board members to review the budget and ask question throughout the week to help her preparation.

Service Auction Discussion

John Johnson asked about the basis for an expectation of $20,000, which is higher than previous years.  

Last year's auction raised $12,000, so this does not seem like a big stretch.

There is a NTAAUS wide focus, with more attendees and more donations.

Team is looking for more high dollar donations.

There is more focus on publicity than there has been in the past.

There will be an adult only space, in Jaggers Parlor.

The plan is to have a "gala", a dressier event.

Other church committees are getting involved.

The Board will have to discuss later whether to keep the Service Auction in the spring, or push it back to the fall for cash flow purposes.

Special Congregational Meeting Prep:

Michael Zepeda reminded us of the Board recommendation:  a move down to half time from three quarter time for the minister.  This recommendation is based entirely on budget considerations, and not on Jennifer Innis' performance.  The Board hopes to avoid another budget deficit conversation in the spring.  Michael Zepeda also asserted his assumption: if the congregation rejects the board's recommendation than they want the minister to stay at three quarter time.  A clarification was made that the Board also recommends that the duration of the contract be for three years, regardless of whether it is at half time or three quarter time.  Randy Gregory pointed out that if the financial health of the church improves, we could increase the minister's time.  Rev. Jennifer Innis explained that the three year term was included as a recommendation because that is a term required in the by-laws.

There was discussion, in anticipation of congregational questions, regarding whether minister or staff time would be reinstated first when the financial health of the church improves.  It was pointed out that the generalist nature of the minister should be taken into account, and that the cut in the D.R.E.'s time was based on R.E. enrollment.

Discussion that based on membership numbers, we should have at least a three quarter time minister, and probably a full time minister.  The Listening Sessions revealed that members feel that the minister doesn't provide enough pastoral care, which will be exacerbated by cutting her time.  

Rev. Jennifer Innis has laid out which areas of ministry will be affected and how; that has been published in the Courier and in the special meeting agenda.  This cut will require a significant amount of volunteerism. The areas targeted are:

Worship Arts  - lay leader development

Pastoral Care - chaplains

Social Action - lead

Communications - messaging and editing

Membership - Greeting and integration


Clarification that the Board's recommendation was presented to the congregation in November, but discussion and vote was tabled until January.  

Michael Zepeda has asked the Finance Committee for a concrete number as to the cost difference between half time and three quarter time minister.  

It was suggested that we bring to the congregation's attention the strain this will put on Worship Arts, and that they may not be able to make this work.  Julie Hevelone sent Jean Brutell an email making this point as well.  

Rev. Jennifer Innis was asked for clarification as to the difference between half time and three quarter time, based on her previous increase from half time to three quarter time.  She estimates she was here for 4-5 more Sundays in the pulpit, and was more available for activities such as bridging, coming of age, pageant, etc.  She was also able to assist the lay leaders and worship arts for services she did not attend.  

Jean Brutell is planning to accept David Bindee's offer to moderate the congregational meeting, having researched the bylaws.  There was no objection from any Board members.

Randy Gregory will present the member volunteerism needs to the congregation.

Rev. Jennifer Innis suggests that we make clear what the by-laws require to the congregation, and recommends that the Board put effort into making sure everyone shows up for the discussion and the vote.  The vote on a new, part time minister contract will require a 2/3 majority.  

New Business:

Day care update from Jean Brutell:  The R.E. wing was designed and built to host a day care; inspections and certifications have been done.  Some expenses were incurred by Toddler's Den and need to be reimbursed by us.  

We need to populate the endowment committee so that we can use the endowment money if we need to.  The finance committee has also acted as the endowment committee in an emergency capacity.

The owner of the day care has run into two problems:  the fee she is being charged for this location by the zoning commission for street use.  She is appealing that on January 16.  The second problem is whether a partnership between the day care and the church may have been represented by the owner.  Such a partnership has not been agreed to by the church.  

Attachment 1: Hope

The members of the Board each contributed personal hopes for the upcoming year:

Judy: financial reports are made accessible

Dave: bring ability to repair and feel better about the church

Gail: worship arts support

John: remaining able to contribute, less anxiety about the church financial crisis

Julie: contribute

Rachel: help lessen the tension and strife; contribute to resolution

Randy: keep in mind that disagreement is not personal

Michael: educational offerings continue to thrive and expand for all ages

Jean: that her joy in the faith and service stays evident; remain vision minded

Jennifer: vision; less anxiety

Attachment 2: Needs

The members of the Board brainstormed what each of them needs to make our hopes a reality.

assume good intentions
trust - confusion is not hiding
timely decisions and move on
disagreement is not a personal attack
do not undermine each other outside of the meetings; respect the group
be prepared and timely for meetings
honest communication
everyone does their job, be open to additional volunteerism and ad-hoc tasks
creativity, imagination
open to new revelation
good self-differentiation

Attachment 3: Contribute    

The members of the Board each offered one personal quality they bring to help meet the needs.

background on fixing and making
thinking outside the box
history and experience
conflict-resolution skills
business experience
can take on tasks
generating alternatives
big picture vision

Attachment 4: The Board's covenant

We covenant to:

begin on time and be prepared, including reading all reports and minutes prior to the meeting

respect one another

assume the best intentions of each other

actively listen

support each other as a team

seek understanding directly

speak up if we are not feeling heard or understood

be our own agents/advocates

be advocates for the Board

read church publications in a timely manner

keep in mind accessibility issues for Board members,   including speaking loudly and clearly and using large fonts in electronic communication.

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