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Board Minutes 2013-02-17

Board Meeting, February 17, 2013

Meeting called to order by President Jean Bruttell at 1:05 p.m.
In attendance:  

Jean Bruttell, President
Judy Gutierrez, Treasurer
Rachel Hawkins, Secretary
David Mikitka, Operations Area Coordinator
Gail Lockwood, Ministry Area Coordinator
John Johnson, Outreach Area Coordinator
Michael Zepeda, Education Area Coordinator
Randy Gregory, Member at Large
Rev. Jennifer Innis, Consulting Minister
Also Present:     
Julile Tribble, D.R.E.
Jennifer Cox and Tasha Morris, Social Justice Committee    
Lewis Morris, past President
Mary Kirwin, Finance Committee
Patrick Gutierrez
Tina Harmuth

Chalice Lighting and Reading

Agenda Review and explanation of consent agenda procedure.

Reminder of the Board's working rules.  The Board's covenant is included on the agenda.  Review of parliamentary procedures.  

Randy Gregory agreed to be process server.  

Personal check in.      

Visitors were greeted and invited to speak.

Tasha Morris offered a statement as co-chair of the social justice committee.  Statement was that as the Social Justice committee believes it is part of their duty to ensure that the Board stays in right relations with each other and with the congregation and the community.  As such, they invited the Board members to take some time to consider the intersection of class and race, particularly as it relates to the Toddlers Den situation.

Lewis Morris stated that he was there to acknowledge that there is a conflict and he is responsible for that.  His opinions and issues are that we maintain right relations, and go to the source of information, rather than make assumptions.  

Lin Wells made a motion for executive session.  Second.  Motion passes.  

Executive Session.

Correspondence to be sent out this month: response to an ordination notice from Louisiana, thank you note to Joyce Brown for the Bunce Island Exhibit, response to a building dedication in Baton Rouge.

Michael Zepeda made a motion to accept all reports.  Seconded.  Judy Gutierrez offered an oral Treasurer's report.  Motion passed.  

Discussion about the Toddler's Den situation and drafting a statement to be made to the congregation, as well as the future possibilities.

Jean Bruttell handed the gavel to Randy Gregory to participate in the discussion.

Jean Bruttell made a motion to table the statement and move this to an email conversation, per David Mikitka's suggestion, to be finished by Thursday.  Seconded.  Motion passed.

Randy returned the gavel to Jean Bruttell.  

Discussion about moving forward with Toddler's Den if Cynthia Tatum is interested.  The Board agrees that last month's vote to approve the rental still stands if Ms. Tatum responds to Jean's outreach.  

Discussion about the Committee on Ministries nominations.  Clarification from a reading of the by-laws that this is a 5 member committee.  Nan Terry is still on the committee, so there are four vacancies.  Michael Zepeda made a motion to nominate David Binde, Patrick Gutierrez, Joan Carey and Connie Nolen, with Bob Portman will be the alternate.  Second.  Discussion.  Motion carries.  

New business:

Church Calendar, Social Justice request to use money from the Shirley Johnson social justice endowment fund to provide scholarships to attend the Southwest Conference.  Michael Zepeda made a motion that we authorize the Shirley Johnson Endowment Fund to release $1016.00 to fund scholarships for the SWUUC Spring Conference.  Seconded.  Discussion.  Motion passed.  

Discussion, Workshop scheduling.  Discussion of date for Pastoral Care workshop tabled until March.

Discussion of whether a special meeting is necessary to approve budget for pledge drive is required.  Agreement that the finance committee can put out the projected budget without board approval.

Discussion about stewardship and fundraising.  Will need to schedule visiting steward training in-house before March 9.  Jean Bruttell will begin a project timeline.  Theme for pledge canvas will be Faith in the Future.  

Discussion about Service Auction.  The biggest help needed right now is gathering donations.  

Discussion of Operations issues - Time Talent Treasures, painting outside of building.  The Board will direct members and committees to not hire any outside contractors for exterior painting at this time.  

Decision to table the conversation about what is important, where we spend our time and energy.

Review of action items:
Jean Bruttell will call Don Hayward about visiting steward program.
Jean Bruttell will send out a time line and project plan
Jean Bruttell will send out correspondence.
Judy Gutierrez agreed to contact the finance committee to advise them they need the budget two weeks.
Judy Gutierrez agreed that the Finance Committee will handle the pledge accounting.
Judy Gutierrez agreed to work with the Service Auction as to funding the dinner items.
Michael Zepeda agreed to contact the service auction team for a meeting, and to forward an invitation to the meeting to the Board.  
Gail Lockwood agreed to research sound options for Board Meetings.
Randy Gregory agreed to continue working on the service auction and keep us informed.
Randy Gregory agreed to pin down details with NTAUUS on the pastoral care workshop.
Randy Gregory agreed to be the point of contact if Cynthia Tatum comes back into contact
David Mikitka agreed to craft our statement to the congregation and email it to the Board members, as well as Lewis Morris, Tasha Morris, and Jennifer Cox.
David Mikitka will look into the grease trap situation.
David Mikitka will look into the fire alarm problem.
David Mikitka will communicate our decision to not hire external painters.
David Mikitka will look into the availability of sound feed from the sanctuary into Jaggers Parlor and the R.E. rooms.  
Lin Wells agreed to help with stewardship drive and the service auction.
Lin Wells will restart the church council.  
Rachel Hawkins will work on updating the notebooks and preparing binders for Board members.  

Process observer comments: some cross talk; mostly we did well and stayed on task.

Personal Check out.

Closing Words

Meeting adjourned at 4:53.

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