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Board Minutes 2013-04-28

Special Board Meeting, April 28, 2013

Meeting called to order by President Jean Bruttell at 1:23. p.m.  Certification of a quorum.

In attendance:  
Jean Bruttell, President
Lin Wells, Vice-President
Judy Gutierrez, Treasurer
Rachel Hawkins, Secretary
Gail Lockwood, Ministry Area Coordinator
John Johnson, Outreach Area Coordinator
Randy Gregory, Member at Large
Rev. Jennifer Innis, Consulting Minister

Chalice Lighting and Reading

Personal check in.

This is a working meeting, so we do not have a formal agenda.  Our plan is to work out the agenda for the congregational meeting so that it can be published.  We need to understand where stewardship is at the moment.  We need to talk about a social media policy.    The status of the contract for Rev. Innis is an action item.  We need to look at the draft budget and discuss scenarios about that.  

Reminder of the Board's working rules.  

Meeting Agenda:

• Quorum

• Chalice lighting

• Covenant Review

• Minutes from November and January's meetings

• Covenant

• Vision statement in general

• State of Ministry

• Denominational Affairs - Lewis and Emily

• Committee reports

• Staff reports

• Treasurer's report

• Strategic plan for this year

• budget

• staff vote

Stewardship update: No follow up calls this week.  Available Board members will make calls and /or visits this week as they are available.

Draft budget:  Suggestion that we amend the by-laws to require a pledge card from each member, even if it is for $1 per week.  Another suggestion is a second request/completion campaign.  Suggestion that we offer various raffles at different times of the year - helicopter tour, guided fishing trip, etc. , could be applied to specific areas of the budget to increase interest.  Leftover season tickets could be donated to auction off - opera, sporting events, etc.  We should do more focus on planned giving as well.  Special memorial fund for donations when members pass away.   Capital campaign for mortgage relief.  Small fundraising ideas - supermarkets, ink cartridge recycling.  Advertising - billboards - NTAUUS grant?  Flyer to invite folks to an open house.  Online advertising targeted to middle income families.  Positive message - target the seekers, not the disgruntled.  Consider taking the word "liberal" out of our statement of who we are because of its effect in Texas.  Possibly refine the statement to a slogan or tagline.  "Connect, grow, serve."  

Scenarios:  If we get the mortgage deferment, that gets us $21,000 in relief.  We also have the $10,000 in credit card spending that will not happen again.  

At the next Board meeting, we will need to be able to confirm budget items and vote on that.  We will also work out who will handle what part of the meeting, and hopefully have some time to rehearse.  

Action items:

• Lin will have committee chairs submit reports by May 8.

• Rev. Innis will submit the ministries report last minute.

• Judy will help to make sure the finance reports are printed properly.

• Judy will send the draft budget by email.  

• Jean will check with Patrick about the contract for Rev. Innis.  

Social Media policy:  Rev. Innis will send out to board members by email.  There have been Facebook posts recently that are have raised this issue.  

NTAAUS  is changing its name to NTUUC.  

Check out.  

Closing words.

Meeting adjourned at 3:40 p.m.  

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