First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church

Board Minutes 2013-06-09

Board Meeting, June 9, 2013

Meeting was held at David Mikitka's  home and was called to order by President Jean Bruttell at 2:45 p.m.

In attendance:  
Jean Bruttell, President
Lin Wells, Vice-President
Judy Gutierrez, Treasurer
Rachel Hawkins, Secretary
David Mikitka, Operations Area Coordinator
John Johnson, Outreach Area Coordinator
Michael Zepeda, Education Area Coordinator
Randy Gregory, Member at large
Rev. Jennifer Innis, Consulting Minister
Also present: Patrick Gutierrez

Chalice Lighting and Reading

Personal check in.  

Agenda Review and review of working rules.  

Michael Zepeda agreed to be process server.  

Membership: We are beginning a year of hospitality, with videos to be shown in three consecutive adult forums.  Board members are encouraged to attend the adult forum series, as well as to be present at church and mingle with members and newcomers.  Board members should try to avoid doing business at church, especially during the worship hour.  We are developing a strong focus on welcoming new folks.  

Patrick Gutierrez reported on the minister contract.  The proposed contract was distributed to the Board members and reviewed paragraph by paragraph.  Michael Zepeda moved to accept the contract as presented, with one change to paragraph 12: instead of it reading "four weeks of study leave per year of service" it will say "four weeks of study leave per service year".  Second.  Discussion.  Motion passed.

DBLE nominations are due by June 14.  Rachel Hawkins moved to nominate Jennifer Cox and Susan Dycus to attend DBLE.  Second.  Discussion.  Motion amended to name Jennifer Cox and Nancy Hynes as nominees, with Rachel Hawkins as an alternate.  Second.  Discussion.  Motion passed.  

Developmental Ministry: Michael Zepeda moved to apply to participate in developmental ministry.  Second.  Discussion.  Motion passed.

NTUUC Board training is July 13, 8:30-4:00.  The training will be held at Community UU Church in Plano.  Board members are encouraged to attend if possible.

Credit Card Expense Accounting: per the Education report, we need an open discussion about financial reporting.  There is some concern about bad feelings in the religious education program due to previous dealings not having been handled and over the termination of the previous D.R.E.  Michael Zepeda recommended that we form a task force to compile the knowledge of the money spent by the former D.R.E., receipts found, the amount known to be personal expenses, etc.  The task force may need to discuss with the Personnel Committee about establishing a policy regarding hiring a church member to part of paid staff.  Michael Zepeda volunteered to head up the task force.  John Johnson moved to form a task force to put together a full and dispassionate report that does not violate and state or federal laws.  Second.  Discussion.  Motion passed.

Leadership Development:  Randy Gregory moved to start a fundraising effort specific to scholarships.  Second.  Discussion.  Motion failed.

Michael Zepeda made a motion to disperse one hundred dollars to Jennifer Nichols, per her request,, as scholarship money for her children.  Second.  Discussion.  Motion passed.  

Green Sanctuary: Lin Wells moved to approve the composter made from cinder blocks behind the dumpster in the parking lot.  Second.  Discussion.  Motion passed.

Judy Gutierrez moved to remove the Juniper tree and approve vegetable gardening in the raised bed after a soil sample is done.  Second.  Discussion.  Motion passed.

Michael Zepeda moved to accept the submitted reports as submitted.  Second.  Passed.

Process observation:  Mild cross talk, but we are showing improvement.

Personal Check out.

Closing Words.

Meeting adjourned at 5:00.

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