First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church

Board Minutes 2013-08-18

Board Meeting, August 18, 2013

Meeting called to order by President Jean Bruttell.

In attendance:  
Jean Bruttell, President
Lin Wells, Vice-President
Judy Gutierrez, Treasurer
David Mikitka, Operations Area Coordinator
John Johnson, Outreach Area Coordinator
Michael Zepeda, Education Area Coordinator
Randy Gregory, Member at large
Lewis Morris, President ex-officio
Rev. Jennifer Innis, Consulting Minister

Chalice Lighting and Reading

Personal check in.  

Agenda Review and review of working rules.  

Review of the decision made by email regarding the DBLE nomination adjustment, to not send Nancy Hynes, in light of her resignation as Small Ministry chair.  There was a motion to affirm the decision.  Second.  Motion passed.

There was a motion to affirm the Developmental Ministry Training expense.  Second.  Passed.  

There was a motion to affirm the Amended Trust for the Shirley Johnson Fund.  Second.  Passed.

Motion to enter executive session.  Second.  Passed.  Executive session was held.

David Mikitka made a motion to have a Board retreat either September 7 or October 6, either at Judy Gutierrez's house or at church.  Second.  Passed.  Board members agreed to review information on congregational management at and to read Raising the Roof.  

Judy Gutierrez  made a motion to dedicate part or all of the $2400 income that we received from the stewardship consultation refund to religious education.  Second.  Passed.

John Johnson made a motion that we dedicate half of the non-designated funds collected in the offertory every Sunday be donated to a charity to be chosen by the Social Justice committee, beginning in September.    Second.  Passed.  

The Worship Arts committee has asked that Board members assist with ushing on Sundays until a permanent lead usher can be found.  

Personal Check out.

Closing Words.

Meeting adjourned.

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