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Adventures in Religion

First Jefferson offers a religious education program that delves into the fascinating aspects of the world's religions. This roundtable discussion meets in the John Adams room on Sundays at 9:30 a.m. each week. All are welcome.

The Bible March 17, 2019–May 17 2020

We are currently discussing discoveries of scriptures (the Nag Hammadi Codices and the Dead Sea Scrolls), the criteria for including scriptures in the Bible, the Bible’s many official versions, and the scriptures excluded.

Nag Hammadi Codices

The Dead Sea Scrolls

Historical Background
Historical Timeline
Discovery and Publication
Discovery Sites
Scrolls Content
Languages and Scripts

How Was The Bible Compiled?

The Bible and Its Many Official Versions

9 Things You Should Know About the Council of Trent

The Lost Bible: Forgotten Scriptures Revealed, by J.R. Porter

Chicago: The University of Chicago Press; 1st edition, 2001. Hardback (ISBN-10: 0226675793 or ISBN-13: 978-0226675794). (Please be sure to get one of the ISBNs cited here, so that we will all have the same edition.)

Part One: The “Lost” Hebrew Scriptures
Chapter 1: In the Beginning
Chapter 2: Words of the Patriarchs
Chapter 3: Lost Writings of the Prophets
Chapter 4: Psalms, Songs, and Odes
Chapter 5: Wisdom and Philosophy

Part Two: The “Lost” New Testament
Chapter 1: The Missing Years of Jesus
Chapter 2: Gospels of the Passion
Chapter 3: Gnostic Mysteries
Chapter 4: Legends of the Apostles
Chapter 5: Visions of the End Time
Chapter 6: Lost Letters to the Faithful

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