First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church

Board Minutes 2013-11-03

Board Meeting, November 3, 2013

Meeting called to order by President Jean Buttrell at 3:24 p.m.

In attendance:  
Jean Bruttell, President
Lin Wells, Vice President
Judy Gutierrez, Treasurer
Rachel Hawkins, Secretary
David Mikitka, Operations Area Coordinator
John Johnson, Outreach Area Coordinator
Michael Zepeda, Education Area Coordinator
Rev. Jennifer Innis, Consulting Minister
Lewis Morris, ex-officio
Also present:  Bill Maginnis

Chalice Lighting and Reading.
Agenda Review.
Affirm working rules and board covenant.  
Michael Zepeda agreed to be process server.  
Board covenant read.
Personal check in.      

Guest Forum:  Bill Maginnis spoke on behalf of the green sanctuary committee.  They have requested bids from five people for replacement of the air conditioning unit, and received bids from four people.  Two more people are being consulted as well for bids. Many of the bids are lacking in detail.  They also want to replace all of the thermostats in the building.  Lin Wells is going to coordinate the thermostat purchase and replacement.  Bill Maginnis is working on a written report to present regarding the air conditioner replacement.  He plans to come to next month’s meeting with a report and formal request.  Bill Maginnis requested that we authorize a purchase of 12 thermostats at a cost of approximately $600 so that they can purchase them and get reimbursed.  

Jean Bruttell presented the President’s report.  We need to cover lead ushing for the next two weeks, then Jean Bruttell can take over.  Randy Gregory has resigned from leadership ID.  Jean Bruttell will not serve as president next year.  Leadership ID as a committee needs more time to complete the slate, and to replace themselves.  The next meeting of leadership ID is November 13.  The service auction committee is struggling and rebounding.  There are still things that were purchased in the last auction that have not been completed, such as the parking signs.  The caterer has offered to help out with promotional materials for the church.  The alarm codes will be changed this week.

Lin Wells does not have anything to report.  

Dave Mikitka presented his report.  He has prepared a document to offer to the congregation laying out the options as to the size issue.   The ice machine is not working but they are working on it.  Happy Tomato is no longer renting our kitchen facilities.  

Judy Gutierrez presented the finance report.  

New Business:

The worship arts committee is requesting help with volunteerism, and has asked the board to help with ushing until a new lead usher can be identified and trained.  Michael Zepeda moved that the Board take on the responsibility of lead ushing, with the goal of developing and training a squadron of ushers.  Second.  Discussion.  Motion passed.

Review of action items:

Michael Zepeda will draft a letter to the former Director of Religious Education.
Michael Zepeda will check with Irene to see if she has access to labels for the library.
Jean Bruttell will take to social justice and caring and sharing committees about transportation options.
Jean Bruttell will work on assembling a task force for by-laws revision.
Rev. Jennifer Innis will notify the Personnel committee of the change in Karl’s title.

Process observer comments: some cross talk; mostly we did well and stayed on task.

Personal Check out.

Closing Words

Meeting adjourned at 4:53.

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