First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church

Board Minutes 2014-07-20

Board Meeting, July 20, 2014

Meeting called to order by President Michael Zepeda at 1:34 p.m.

In attendance:

Michael Zepeda, President

Tina Harmuth, Vice President

Judy Gutierrez, Ministries Coordinator

Rachel Hawkins, Secretary

David Mikitka, Operations Area Coordinator

Irene Forrester, Education Coordinator

Lin Wells, Outreach Coordinator

Rev. Jennifer Innis, Consulting Minister

Jean Bruttell, past president.

Dan Sexton, guest.

Carolyn McDougal, guest.

Karl Thibodeaux, guest.

Chalice Lighting and Reading.

Personal check in.

Tina Harmuth agreed to be timekeeper. Jean Bruttell agreed to be process observer.

Invited Guests: Carolyn McDougal was here to talk to us about possibly renting space for a school. McEdwards Academy would be unit studies with a project at the end of the unit. She would have ages 5-13 to break into groups. She is looking at the classrooms right now, and they would spend a lot of time outside. She wants no more than 30 students, none of them have enrolled yet. She would be on property regularly. She would need to be in the building 3-4 days before her start date of August 25. She would run about 9-2:30, Monday-Friday. She would follow the same calendar as Fort Worth ISD.

Tina Harmuth moved that we approve the minutes from January, March and June 2014 meetings as submitted by email. Second. Motion passed.

Dan Sexton presented a report from the Finance committee.

Tina Harmuth moved that the last four months of fiscal 2014 pass the plate monies be donated to Eastside Ministries and that the next quarter’s pass the plate monies be donated to North Texas Civil Rights Group. Second. Discussion. Motion amended to donate the last four months worth of fiscal 2014 pass the plate monies be donated to Eastside Ministries and that the first quarter of 2014 be donated to the UU Trauma Ministry. Second. Motion passed.

Irene Forrester presented the Education report. Marjorie Montgomery is not able to teach an adult ed class. Amy would like to host another Financial Peace University. She would like to get an adult OWL training scheduled.

Jean Bruttell presented the Leadership ID report. Jean Bruttell moved that Judy Gutierrez be appointed to the Ministries Area Coordinator, except for COM, and Lin Wells be appointed to the Outreach Area Coordinator and COM for the remainder of their board terms. Second. Discussion. Motion passed. They are recommending that we go without a Treasurer for the remainder of the term and to let the Finance Committee make an appearance at the meetings to present the Finance report.

Service Auction: Sheryl Abrahams will chair the event this year. We will have the service auction on October 25.

Michael Zepeda moved that we let the Coming of Age have a lunch fundraiser on August 24 after the ingathering service. Second. Discussion.

Fall Congregational Meeting will November 16 after service.

Visioning - Michael has started the conversation with the region to see about a facilitator. We are shooting for the third week of September. We may need a task force to get this together. Tina Harmuth and Michael Zepeda will co-lead the task force.

Process observer comments: we need a talking stick

David Mikitka moved to go to executive session. Second. Motion passed. Tina Harmuth moved to leave executive session. Second. Motion passed.

Review of action items:

    • Rev. Jennifer will talk to Karl about the insurance requirements for potential renters.
    • Finance Committee will double check our dues status with Eastside Ministries.
    • Rev. Jennifer will look into providing child care for the metaphysical class.
    • Irene Forrester will check on who is trained to teach adult OWL.
    • Irene Forrester will follow up with Lewis Morris about a workship.
    • Irene Forrester will follow up on the Financial Peace University.
    • Rachel Hawkins will contact the Coming of Age parents for the lunch fundraiser.
    • Rachel will write up an insert for the lunch to explain the Coming of Age for the congregation.
    • Michael Zepeda will email Karl to update the calendar.

Personal Check out.

Closing Words.

Meeting adjourned at 3:56.

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