First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church

Board Minutes 2014-09-28

Board Meeting, September 28, 2014


In Attendance: Michael Zepeda, President
Tina Harmuth, Vice President
Rachel Hawkins, Secretary
Irene Forrester, Education Coordinator
Judy Gutierrez, Ministries Coordinator
David Mikitka, Building and Grounds Coordinator
Lin Wells, Outreach Coordinator
Rev. Jennifer Innis
Tasha Morris

Personal Check in

Chalice Lighting

Tina Harmuth agreed to be the time keeper. Lin Wells agreed to be the process observer.

Treasurer’s report presented.

David Mikitka presented the building and grounds report. The air conditioner was repaired.

Judy Gutierrez presented the report on ministries. Worship Arts needs more people on their committee.

Irene Forrester presented the education report. Financial Peace University started as planned. R.E. is going pretty well.

Lin Wells did not have anything to report for Outreach.

Rev. Jennifer presented a staff report. The new member class started this afternoon. She is stepping back from the startup of R.E. and doing more to get the administrative tasks done by Karl. She is coordinating the Spirit Play class. She is able to have more thoughtful conversations with worship arts about having family friendly services. Now that we no longer have a chair of caring and sharing committee, more pastoral care is on her plate. Committee on Ministries will resume meeting on Saturday. Southwestern fall conference will be the second week of November.

Action Items:

    • Tina will talk to Jean about applying for the NTUUC grant next year.
    • Tina will follow up with Rev. Jennifer on the grant for Karl’s hours to be reported in December to make sure we’ve done what we were supposed to do.
    • Tina will contact Karl about getting the specifics on the energy efficient thermostats.
    • Michael will talk to Leadership ID about finding more people to serve on the worship arts committee.
    • Michael will ask Jean Bruttell to email a report from Leadership ID.
    • Rev. Jennifer will follow up with Karl to correct the listing of Judy and Lin in their new board roles in This Week at First Jefferson.
    • Rev. Jennifer and Michael will figure out the board schedule.

Personal check out.

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