First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church

Board Minutes 2014-11-02

Board Meeting
November 2, 2014

In Attendance
Michael Zepeda, President
Tina Harmuth, VIce President
Rachel Hawkins, Secretary
David Mikitka, Building and Grounds Coordinator
Irene Forrester, Education Coordinator
Lin Wells, Outreach Coordinator
Judy Gutierrez, Ministries Coordinator
Jean Bruttell, Leadership ID
Jennifer Innis, Consulting Minister
Charlotte Bailey

Michael Zepeda called the meeting to order at 1:30.
Chalice Lighting and Opening Words.
Personal Check in.

Tina Harmuth agreed to be the time keeper. Lin Wells agreed to be the process observer.

Tina Harmuth moved to approve the minutes from the October meeting. Second. Motion passed.

Tina Harmuth moved to approve the minutes from the September meeting, with the addition of Jennifer Innis’ presence at the meeting. Second. Motion passed.

Jennifer Innis presented the minister’s report. There has been a lot of effort to get the congregational meeting prepared, as well as the work on the NTUUC grant application. She has been in conversation with Daniel Polk about upcoming events. She needs to work out stepping away from the education department and passing along duties to volunteers. She offered spirit play training at Community yesterday. She will attend the fall conference next weekend.

Nothing to report for the operations coordinator.

Nothing to report for the ministries coordinator.

Nothing to report for the education coordinator.

Lin Wells reported on outreach. We have a healthy list of visitors on Sundays. Laurie Mikitka is doing a great job with new members.

Jean Bruttell presented the Leadership ID report. There are a few openings for next year’s board that they are having trouble filling in. The only training we’ve been sending people to is DBLE. They met with Laurie Mikitka and Rev. Jennifer at their last meeting to discuss potential and opportunities. The treasurer position is open. Leadership ID does not have a nominee for operations, but there may be a nomination from the floor. The Finance Committee reports that we are in a better position than we’ve been in for years. None of them is interested in being Treasurer, but are willing to continue their work on the committee. They want to shift their title from Leadership ID to Leadership Development so they, as a committee, volunteer to steer the bylaws changes. They will recommend moving away from the coordinators and to members at large.

Rachel Hawkins discussed the service auction. She and Tasha Morris volunteer to chair the service auction committee for 2015. They are choosing a theme of Alice in Wonderland, and would like to have it on November 7, 2015. They hope to gather lots of corporate in-kind donations to maximize value, and minimize the pull from the members. They plan to increase raffles and drawings, as well as more activities during the silent auction portion.

Jean Bruttell moved that we request a NTUUC grant in an amount not less than $5000 and not more than $10,000 to improve the physical condition of the religious education wing and to fund trainings to deepen our leadership development. Second. Discussion. Motion passed.

The Congregational Meeting will be November 16. We will do our best to have the packets together and printed on Sunday, November 9.

Jean Bruttell raised the issue of the church being involved in the immigration situation. The sanctuary movement is something we should be thinking about.

First Jefferson Revival: Having observed some inertia in the church, leadership id is recommending a revival week in January, to revive the uu in you. Jean Bruttell and Lewis Morris have been doing research to find out who can help, how to fund and how it would work.

Action Items:
• Judy Gutierrez will talk to membership and worship arts about the idea of having volunteers share testimonials in service.
• Rachel Hawkins and Jean Bruttell will do some research to write the NTUUC grant and the specific costs involved.
• Jean Bruttell, Tina Harmuth and Michael Zepeda will meet to discuss the specifics of the logistics of the congregational meeting.
• Rachel Hawkins will write the NTUUC grant request.
• Michael Zepeda will contact David Binde about acting as parliamentarian at the congregational meeting.
Personal check out.

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