First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church

Visioning Workshop Notes 02-01-15

Notes on Visioning Workshop

Present: Charlotte Bailey, Paulette Holland, Cheri Husband, Jean Bruttell, Tina Harmuth, Lewis Morris, Windy Lerro

I. Opening and Chalice Lighting

II. Spectrum Question Exercise (abbreviated for time constraints but using some of the same
questions as the exercise on Saturday, 0124)

III. Discussion of Transcendent Values (facilitated by Lewis Morris)
A. Explanation of Transcendent Values
B. Reference to the process by which we arrived at the four values from Saturday: Hope,
Awe, Connection, and Joy
C. The discussion touched on ways to connect personally to words that can, in some
people, evoke a sense of the divine with which they don’t identify.

IV. Break

V. Time for participants to make notes on their 50year
vision of First Jefferson

VI. Discussion of everyone’s vision for First Jefferson
A. Diverse with
outreach to include populations of the area outside our current
B. Inclusive
C. Action oriented?
assisting those in our congregation and community who need help?
D. Example setting
for our congregation and for other churches
E. Growing through effective Witness
F. Having healthy relationships within the church, and with the community through
G. Having presence in social justice? active in local politics and on college campuses?
known for a strong stand on rights and love
H. Having a thriving ministry to and of young adults
I. Exhibiting an understanding and exploration of our diverse religious culture (six sources)
J. Working for justice and peace in the world
K. Showing an awareness of multicultural
and racial equality issues
L. Leading with covenant
M. Strong in interfaith work
N. Involved in a network of area UU churches cooperating to provide support for each other
and the faith
O. Passionate in our faith
P. Supportive of local UU and secular home schoolers
Q. Known for “Love is the Doctrine of This Church”
R. Providing exploration of spirituality
S. Known for Justice, Compassion, Acceptance and Love

VII. Brief discussion of next steps in Visioning

VIII. Closing

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