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Visioning Taskforce Article 03-16-15

Hello Members of First Jefferson UU Church,

From the Visioning Taskforce our end goal is near. With the help of many of you who joined us for cottage meetings and conversation about who we are, what transcendant values unite us and what will be our legacy, we have brought together a single statement that we feel speaks to our vision as a church from here and into the future.

The Taskforce has worked hard and diligently since November 2014. Although this is one phase of the process, I would like to thank these members who applied themselves in such a proud and full filling opportunity for First Jefferson. Charlotte Bailey, Roy Brake, Sheryl Abrahams, Irene Forrester, Rachel Hawkins with special thanks to Rev. Jennifer Innis, Jean Bruttell and Lewis Morris for guidance and thoughts.

With preparations for next steps getting set to start, one last task needs your approval. So imagine a future, decades from now, in which First Jefferson UU Church is known throughout our region as an organization that honors and respects diversity. Imagine we are recognized for offering sensitivity to large and diverse groups of people seeking truth, meaning and acceptance. What do you see?

On January 24, 2015, twenty seven congregation members and friends attended a workshop where they explored their own experiences of transcendence and developed a list of values to form the foundation of a new congregational vision. From this work emerged four key words to underlay the vision: Hope, Joy, Awe, and Connection. Through months of conversation both amongst the taskforce and members of the congregation, the taskforce feels the following statement speaks to the values and vision for the future of First Jefferson UU Church:  "At First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church, we offer hope through service and connections we share, embrace the transforming power of awe, and seek joy by living our values".

We the taskforce feel we have created spoken words that gives us the road to take on our mission in Unitarian Universalism. We but ask you the members of this congregation to be a part of creating and standing by this vision of hope, joy, awe and connection.

Thank you for all we do

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