First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church

Board Minutes 2015-03-14

Approved – April 19, 2015

First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church 1959 Sandy Lane Fort Worth, TX 76123

Board of Trustees - Regular meeting March 14, 2015


Board members present: Michael Zepeda, Tina Harmuth, Tasha Morris, Roy Brake, Jean
Bruttell, Irene Forrester, Judy Gutierrez

Also present: Rev. Jennifer Innis
Invited guests: Julie Hevelone from Worship Arts

There were no visitors, or other persons present.

Secretary verified a quorum was present.
Meeting called to order at 1:17 pm by Michael Zepeda.

Michael offered opening words, and the chalice was lit.

By consensus, the agenda was updated as attached.

The board reviewed the board covenant.

Appointed Roy Brake as process observer and Tina Harmuth as timekeeper for this meeting.

A brief check-in occurred.
Julie Hevelone presented information from Worship Arts regarding the sustainability of
worship as currently functioning. Discussion. No motions were made.

Rev. Jenn provided an update on developmental ministry.
Rev. Jenn provided an overview of the process used for calling a minister – both an inside
candidating, and an outside candidating. Discussion.

Julie Hevelone left.

Tasha offered a correction to the draft minutes, fixing a typo on page 2 of the circulated

Tina moved to accept the minutes as corrected, seconded. Motion passed by unanimous

A review of the finance report occurred. Discussion Jean moved that we extend discussion
time by 5 minutes; seconded. Passed. Discussion.

The action items from the February board meeting were reviewed.


Tina provided a verbal report on the progress of the annual budget drive. Discussion.

A discussion pertaining to board vacancies in line with the by-laws relating to board
attendance (Article V, Section 5). Judy made a motion that we keep Lin on the board if he
agrees to stay on the Board. Second. Roy made a friendly amendment to keep Lin on the
Board for one more month until we have an opportunity to contact him. Second. Irene made
the amendment if no contact, position is automatically vacated. Second. Discussion. Passed
by consensus.

Michael led a discussion about the vacancy on the Committee on Ministries per Article VIII,
Section 5.I, paragraph 2. Jean made the motion that we nominate Julia Sexton to the
Committee on Ministries, and if she declines, we nominate Dan Levine. Second. Passed by
unanimous consent.

Roy presented information about the roof. Judy made the motion that we have Roy contract
with Tarrant Roofing for roof repairs for the original wing. Seconded. Discussion. Tabled for
bequest discussion.

Tasha led a discussion about the bequest. Discussion tabled for vote about roof.

Previous motion regarding roof passed by unanimous consent.

Discussion on funding for roof. Discussion on the possible uses of the bequest, and exterior
of the building. Tina made a motion to extend discussion time; second; passed.

Jean made the motion to accept the finance committee's recommendation of the bequest
donation, except that we swap parlor upgrade funds to exterior painting, unless the finance
committee has understanding that painting will be completely covered by the endowment.
Second. Passed by unanimous consent.

Roy made the motion that we request $29,000 from the endowment fund to cover the cost of
the replacement roof for the original wing per the bid by Tarrant Roofing. Second. Passed by
unanimous consent.

Irene presented information from the CYRE council regarding the process recommendation
made regarding the draft protection policy.

Rev. Jenn presented information about what a disruptive persons policy is. By consent,
Committee on Ministries to be asked to draft a disruptive persons policy.

Tabled a discussion about the safety mats.

Tasha started discussion about safety planning. We are asking RE to hold fire drill, and then
ask Worship Arts to schedule.

Judy left. A quorum was still present.

Tasha continued presenting information regarding safety. Small task force formed to draft a
safety plan and bring back for approval next month.

A brief discussion about board goals occurred. Item tabled until next month's meeting.
The date for the mid-year congregation meeting was set for May 17 by consensus.
The date for the April board meeting is April 19. Tasha will likely not be present.

Process observer offered comments.
Reviewed action items.
Michael offered closing words and extinguished the chalice.
Adjourned at 4:33.

Agenda as updated at Board meeting
Call to Order
Certification of quorum
Chalice lighting
Agenda review and update
Review of covenant
Appoint process observer & timekeeper
Check in
Invited guests – Worship Arts
Consulting ministry update & developmental ministry
Discussion on process for calling a minister
Open forum for visitors
Consent Agenda
Acceptance of minutes
Financial Report
Review last month's action items
Special Orders
Annual Budget Drive update
Board Vacancy
General Orders
Committee on Ministries vacancy
Unfinished Business
CYRE Policy Update
New Business
Recommendation re: bequest
Disruptive persons policy
Safety planning
Board goals broken down into tasks
Schedule May congregational meeting
Board process / review decisions & action items
Process observer comments
Closing words & extinguishing the chalice

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