First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church

Board Minutes 2015-04-19

Approved as amended ­ May 16, 2015
First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church
1959 Sandy Lane
Fort Worth, TX 76123

Board of Trustees - Regular meeting
April 19, 2015


Board members present: Michael Zepeda, Tina Harmuth, Judy Guttierrez, Roy Brake, Irene
Forrester, Jean Bruttell

Tasha Morris was present on the telephone.

Also present: Rev. Jennifer Innis
Invited guests: Mary Kirwin from Worship Arts
Emily Wood on behalf of NTUUC
Sheryl Abrahams

There were no visitors, or other persons present.
The meeting was held at First Jefferson, in the high school classroom.

Judy Gutierrez was appointed note taker for the duration of the meeting. Tina Harmuth and
Michael Zepeda verified a quorum was present.
Meeting called to order at 1:45 pm by Michael Zepeda.

Michael offered opening words, and the chalice was lit.

The board reviewed the board covenant.

Tina Harmuth advised everyone present that a voice recording of the meeting was being
made so that Tasha Morris could review it, along with Judy's notes, to ensure accurate

By consensus, the agenda was updated as attached.

Appointed Jean Bruttel as process observer and Tina Harmuth as timekeeper for this

A brief check-in occurred.

Jean Bruttell moved to nominate Sheryl Abrahams to fill the Outreach Coordinator position for
one year. Seconded. Discussion. Tasha raised a point of order to clarify the appointment
process as laid out in the congregation's bylaws to ensure everyone present understood that
the congregation has to affirm the decision at the next congregational meeting. Further
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April Board Minutes

Approved as amended ­ May 16, 2015
discussion. Motion passed unanimously. Sheryl Abrahams appointed Outreach Coordinator.
Emily Wood spoke to the Board on behalf of NTUUC (North Texas UU Congregations). She
provided handouts with key points from the most recent NTUUC board meeting. The Board
was invited and encouraged to attend the annual leadership workshop being held on June
13th. Discussion of First Unitarian Dallas planning for subscription services and open to the
possibility of becoming multi-site church. Rev. Innis provided some context to discussion
based on her talks with Rev. Daniel Kanter.

Mary Kirwin spoke to the Board on behalf of the Worship Arts Committee. She provided
handouts of memos that they had previously sent to the Board via e-mail. Discussion
regarding the sustainability of worship. Update on minister time.
Tasha Morris left the meeting due to insufficient cell coverage.
Jean moved to extend discussion time on the topic by 5 minutes. Seconded. Approved.
Worship Arts is requesting clarification of minister duties and contract requirements.

The Board reviewed the most recent report from the finance committee. As a member of that
committee, Mary Kirwin provided clarifications as needed.

Tina Harmuth provided a verbal update on the annual budget drive numbers on behalf of the
Stewardship committee. Discussion.

Tina Harmuth moved to approve the minutes from the March Board meeting. Seconded.
Approved by unanimous consent.

Michael Zepeda led a review of the action items from the March Board meeting. Discussion.

A five minute break was taken. Location of the meeting moved from the high school
classroom to Jaggers Parlor.

Roy Brake provided an update on the status of getting the roof repairs done. Discussion.
Roy made the motion "to increase the budget for the roof from $37,750 to $39,000 even for
the addition of attic vents". Seconded. Discussion. Approved by unanimous consent.

Michael Zepeda led a discussion regarding the status of the progress on the Board's annual
goals. The discussion was tabled until later in the meeting.

Jean Bruttell brought up a discussion regarding Article 7, Section 4 of the church bylaws.
Jean made the motion "that in keeping with our practice thus far in 2015, that the Board
officially assigns the duties and responsibilities of the treasurer to the finance committee as a
whole". Second. Discussion. Approved by unanimous consent.

Michael led a discussion regarding the status of progress on the Board's annual goals.

Michael led a discussion regarding the calendaring of the congregational meeting,
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April Board Minutes

Approved as amended ­ May 16, 2015
preparations for the congregational meeting, and the May Board meeting. By affirmation, the
board will meet for the regular Board meeting on May 16th at 10am, to be immediately
followed by a walk-through of the congregational meeting. The Board will meet on May 2nd to
review and discuss draft budgets submitted by the finance committee, with at least one
member of the committee present. The congregational meeting will be held on May 17th, at
1pm. Discussion of potential agenda items.

Tina Harmuth made the motion "to allow a second collection on May 17th for Meals on
Wheels", as requested by Julia Sexton. Seconded. Discussion. Approved by unanimous

Rev. Jennifer Innis requested the following be formally entered into minutes:
Rev. Innis's monthly housing allowance for 2015-2016 is $386.25.

Jean Bruttell offered remarks as the process observer.

Michael Zepeda led a review of action items taken on during the course of the meeting.
Further discussion regarding the needs of Worship Arts was had. By affirmation, a decision
was made for the Board to coordinate and lead a worship service in July related to the 5th
principle and governance.

Michael Zepeda read closing words and extinguished the chalice.

The meeting was adjourned.
(time unknown)
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April Board Minutes

Approved as amended ­ May 16, 2015
Agenda as updated at Board meeting

Call to Order
Appoint stand-in secretary
Certification of quorum

Chalice lighting
Agenda review and update
Review of covenant
Appoint process observer & timekeeper
Check in
Special Orders ­ Board Vacancy
Invited guests ­ NTUUC
Invited guests ­ Worship Arts
Open forum for visitors
Consent Agenda
Acceptance of minutes

Financial Report
Review last month's action items
Special Orders
Annual Budget Drive update

General Orders
Unfinished Business

Board Goals

New Business
Calendaring ­ Congregational meeting prep, budget

Calendaring ­ Next Board meeting

May 17 Special Collection: Meals on Wheels

Board process / review decisions & action items
Process observer comments
Closing words & extinguishing the chalice

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April Board Minutes

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