First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church

November 2014 Congregational Meeting minutes

Approved - Congregational Meeting, May 17, 2015

First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church
Congregational Meeting
1959 Sandy Lane

November 16, 2014
Fort Worth, Texas 76123
Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order by President Michael Zepeda at 1:07 p.m.
A quorum could not be certified by Secretary Rachel Hawkins.
Ken Sambell moved to establish a committee on the whole to report to the congregation later.
Second. Discussion. Motion passed.
The minutes of the previous congregational meeting, held in May 2014, were not available to
vote on.
Reverend Jennifer Innis presented the staff report.
There were no committee reports to present.
Lewis Morris presented the denominational report. The fall conference took place the previous
weekend. There were tracks for all ages of attendees. The distract staff was working toward
getting information out effectively. The central location to get information is the newsletter of
the southern region, found on their website. The annual district meeting will be held in March.
The focus will be on regionalization and whether we want to dissolve the districts. Portions of
the meeting will be video conferenced. General Assembly will be in Portland, Oregon. A
community march in Dallas is being planned to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Selma.
Jean Bruttell spoke on behalf of Leadership ID. The current members are Jean Bruttell, Lewis
Morris, Michelle Youngblood and Paulette Holland. Bill McGinnis is the nominee to fill the open
Michael Zepeda presented the President's report.
Connie Nolen presented the finance report.
Eric Wennersten nominated Roy Brake as operations Coordinator. Second. Roy Brake accepted
the nomination. Windy Lerro moved to approve the slate for the incoming Board members.
Second. Motion passed.
Jean Bruttell moved to accept the nomination of Bill McGinnis to complete the Leadership ID
committee. Second. Motion passed.
Call for new business. There was none offered.
David Binde moved to adjourn the meeting. Second. Motion passed.


Rachel Hawkins

Board Secretary, 2014

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