First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church

Board Minutes 2015-08-16

First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church

1959 Sandy Lane

Fort Worth, TX 76123


Board of Trustees - Regular meeting

August 16, 2015




Board members present: Michael Zepeda, Tasha Morris, Judy Guttierrez, Irene Forrester, Jean Bruttell, Roy Brake

Also present: Rev. Jennifer Innis

Invited guests: Julie Hevelone, Mary Kirwin

Visitors: Jo Burnham

Board members present for portions of meeting: Tina Harmuth, Sheryl Abrahams


There were no other persons present.

The meeting was held at First Jefferson, in Jaggers Parlor.


Meeting called to order at 1:35 p.m. by Michael Zepeda.


Tasha Morris confirmed that a quorum was present.


Michael offered opening words, and the chalice was lit.


By consensus, the agenda was updated to reflect new business.


The board reviewed the board covenant.


Appointed Jean Bruttell as process observer and Roy Brake as timekeeper for this meeting.


A brief check-in occurred.


Tina Harmuth joined the meeting.


Julie Hevelone and Mary Kirwin, representing the Worship Arts Committee, asked that time allotted for them to speak be used to supplement the agenda item pertaining to the creation of a Worship Arts support task force.  Michael Zepeda presented the tentative plan for the task force. Discussion.


Visitors present had no business to bring before the board and were present to observe the discussion on the Worship Arts task force.


Julie Hevelone and Jo Burnham left the meeting.


The minutes for the June board meeting were accepted as written and adopted by consensus.


The Operations, Children and Youth Religious Education Council, Communications, and Minister’s reports were accepted.


Mary Kirwin presented the finance report on behalf of the finance committee.  The finance report was reviewed and accepted.  Discussion.


Mary Kirwin left the meeting.


Michael led a review of outstanding action items from previous Board meetings.


Sheryl Abrahams joined the meeting on speakerphone.


Tina presented information on behalf of the executive committee about DBLE.  A summary of this was requested to be entered into minutes:

Earlier this year, the Board nominated Roy Brake as a DBLE participant for this year’s DBLE (August 9-14).  In late July, Roy obtained full-time employment, and informed the Board that he would not be able to attend DBLE as planned.  The Leadership ID Committee was asked to locate a suitable replacement.  Due to short notice, it was decided that a previous DBLE attendee could go as a refresher.  An attempt was made to hold a special Board meeting to vote on this, but a quorum was not present.  The executive committee of the Board decided to send Jean Bruttell, the only candidate who was available for the time frame.  As the selection of DBLE candidates was a Board decision and is reflected in minutes, the executive committee asked that the Board affirm their decision at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting in order to maintain transparency and accountability.

Discussion.  Tina moved to affirm the executive committee’s decision to replace the voted upon delegate (Roy Brake) with Jean Bruttell. Second. Approved by consensus; Jean Bruttell abstained from discussion and affirmation of the decision.


Tina presented information on the NTUUC grant reporting process. Discussion.


Roy presented information about painting bids received to date.  Jean moved that Platinum Painting be hired for their bid.  Second.  Discussion.  Motion withdrawn.


A break was taken.


Sheryl Abrahams presented information on strategic planning and board stewardship of the strategic plan and vision.  Discussion.


Sheryl Abrahams left the meeting.


Jean Bruttell presented the most recent draft of the by-laws revisions being proposed by the by-laws taskforce.  Clarification was made as to the process moving forward.  Discussion.  Item tabled.


Tina moved that the Board approve the CYRE Rummage Sale proposal as presented in their report.  Second.  Discussion. Approved by consensus.


Michael presented options for the first quarter Share the Plate designee.  Jean moved that the Q1 designee be The Women’s Center. Second.  Discussion. Motion withdrawn.  Discussion.  Roy moved that the Q1 designee be Communities In Schools of Greater Tarrant County. Second. Discussion.  Approved by consensus.


Tabled by-laws discussion resumed.  Discussion.  Tina moved that the Board accepts the recommended draft by-laws revisions from the by-laws task force, as amended by the Board during the 8/16/15 Board meeting.  Second. Discussion. Approved by consensus.


New business item regarding potentially divesting from natural gas and fracking tabled until next meeting.


Jean offered process observer comments.


Michael offered closing words and extinguished the chalice.


Meeting adjourned at 5:02 p.m..















Agenda as updated at Board meeting


Call to Order

Certification of quorum

Chalice lighting

Agenda review and update

Review of covenant

Appoint process observer & timekeeper

Check in

Invited Guests

Worship Arts

WARTS support task force

Open forum for visitors

Consent Agenda

Acceptance of minutes & reports

Financial Report

Review last month's action items

Special Orders

General Orders

Affirm Exec. Comm. DBLE appointment

2015 NTUUC Grant Reporting

Unfinished Business



Strategic Planning & Board participation

Proposed Bylaws revisions

New Business

CYRE Rummage Sale Proposal

Share the Plate Designee - Qtr 1

Divestment from natural gas

Board process / review decisions & action items

Process observer comments

Closing words & extinguishing the chalice




Action items from August meeting:





Due Date



Meet with WARTS to complete support taskforce planning

9/2/15, 6pm



Talk with Artemis re: fire evacuation

Next meeting



Contact Fire Department re: fire evacuation

Next meeting



Ensure safety planning covers bomb threats

Next meeting

NTUUC grant


Contact Rachel about grant reporting

Next meeting

NTUUC grant


Submit LID piece of grant reporting to Rachel

Next meeting


Jean and Roy

Partner to ensure availability to meet with contractors for bidding

Next meeting



Provide additional contractor’s contact info to Roy

Next meeting

Strat Plan


Convene Staffing taskforce, develop steps for strategic plan; research what healthy staffing levels look like

Next meeting

Strat Plan


Convene Policy task force, submit objectives


CYRE Rummage


Communicate approval of rummage sale proposal to CYRE

Next meeting

Share the Plate


Draft letter to The Women’s Center outlining concerns that prevented the Board from approving them as designee; circulate to Board

Next meeting

Share the Plate


Communicate to finance designee details

Next meeting


Outstanding items from previous meetings:





Due Date




Talk to Connie about Endowment Fund loan not showing bequest used for roof



Agile structure


research four committee model and member at large board functioning

On hold pending information being provided

Church council


discuss recognition of volunteer hours output vs. mission output

Oh hold pending strategic planning


Dev. Ministry


Contact Keith Kron to learn more about developmental ministry and what our options are

On hold

Exterior Paint


Contact painting contractors for estimates on exterior – painting bids from 2013 to be re-bid

In process


Irene, Roy, Rev. Jenn

discuss fire drill with RE council, Rev. Jenn & Roy to attend that meeting

In process


Tasha, Michael, Jean, Rev. Jenn

Draft safety plan to bring back to the board

In process

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