First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church

Board Minutes 2015-11-01

First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church
1959 Sandy Lane
Fort Worth, TX 76123

Board of Trustees - Special meeting
November 1, 2015


Board members present: Michael Zepeda, Tina Harmuth, Tasha Morris, Jean Bruttell, Roy Brake, Sheryl Abrahams
Board members present for portions of meeting: Irene Forrester
Also present for portions of meeting: Rev. Jennifer Innis, Lewis Morris

There were no other persons present.
The meeting was held at First Jefferson, in the library.

Meeting called to order at 2:09 p.m. by Michael Zepeda.

Tasha Morris certified that a quorum was present.

Michael lit the chalice, and Jean offered opening words.

The agenda was reviewed, and no changes were made.

Michael led a review of the board covenant.

Tina Harmuth was appointed process observer, and Roy Brake was appointed timekeeper.

A brief check-in occurred.

Jean and Tina presented data on the bylaws review meetings with the congregation. Discussion.

Tina moved that the Board of Trustees approves version Sept2015.3 as the revised version to take to the congregation for approval. Second. Discussion. Rev. Innis and Lewis Morris joined the meeting. Motion passed unanimously.
Rev. Innis raised questions pertaining to the vote that occurred. Discussion.

Tasha presented the preparatory information sheet for the congregational meeting. Discussion.  Irene Forrester joined the meeting.

Discussion occurred regarding the strategic plan.

Lewis left the meeting.
Discussion occurred regarding nominations.

Tina offered process observations.

Michael extinguished the chalice and offered closing words.

Meeting adjourned at 3:12 pm.

Agenda as approved at meeting:
Call to Order
Certification of quorum
Chalice lighting
Agenda review and update
Review of covenant
Appoint process observer & timekeeper
Check in
By-laws revision review & approval
Hand out on congregational meeting
Board process / review decisions & action items
Process observer comments
Closing words & extinguishing the chalice

Action items taken on during meeting:

Sheryl will coordinate with Karl and Connie regarding a green sanctuary/community garden report for the congregational meeting packet.

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