First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church

The Kindred

YggdrasilThe Kindred is a group in the DFW
area that practices Bioregional Heathenism.
If the Kindred has a central principle
that defines this group, it would be that we
seek to understand and apply our shamanic
heathenry to commune with the World
Tree, Yggdrasil, in order to root ourselves
into the dreaming intelligence of the Earth.
We do not discriminate based on race,
gender, sexual orientation, etc. We operate
within the guidelines of the 7 Unitarian
Universalist principles. We will not tolerate
hate or abuse of any kind. We openly refute
and will not congregate with groups that
use hate in the name of the Gods. We
support declaration 127.

The group will meet for classes from 1-
3pm in the Johne Adams Room on the first
Sunday of the month and for a business
meeting third Saturdays from 12-2pm in the
Library. Contact: Betty Churchman.

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