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Our Stories

Why do we attend First Jefferson UU Church? What brought us together? The reasons are many and varied, and life's journeys are varied. Here are a few of our stories.

I first came to this church because my child asked me why we don't go to church.

It was difficult for me to explain to her that I don't have the same beliefs as Baptists, Catholics, or any other Christian faiths. I did not identify with Judaism, Buddhism, or Hinduism. I did not know much about Pagans. All I knew was that there was some power higher than me in the world and I believed everyone should be allowed to follow their own paths to the truth.

A friend suggest Unitarian Universalism to me, as we had had many conversations about faith.

When my children and I walked in the door at First Jeff, we were greeted warmly. The Religious Programming offered that day were things my children were very interested in. We were hooked. THIS is what I wanted all my life. This faith affirms all I believe and encourages me to continue my spiritual journey. First Jefferson is my home. MW

Like many people seeking out a church, we did so during a time of family and emotional crisis. We experienced the death of our infant son and found ourselves needing support and help planning a funeral for our baby. Our mother, a lifelong UU, checked in the phone directory and reached out to First Jefferson because it was the closest to us. The minister responded immediately and graciously agreed to a meeting in our home. It was most generous and responsive because this all happened during the week of Christmas and New Years holidays, a time we are often busy and preoccupied. Later, we returned for a Sunday visit and continued to attend and ultimately joined as members in 1995. We were especially interested in the religious education for our two young sons and became very involved. We call First Jefferson home and continue to dream that Unitarian Universalism will set the world on fire in a good way. M & K

I am a single man and live alone. It used to be that the workplace was my community. I would see my coworkers every workday and we would be almost a family. Then I was laid off and transitioned into retirement so I didn't have that anymore. Soon I realized I needed a community again. My first thought was a Unitarian church, where I remembered from long ago there are friendly people and open mind about religious belief. So now I'm glad to be part of a community again at First Jefferson. RM

Listen to one of our members witnessing for Unitarian-Universalism. MP3 audio file, 14 MB.

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