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Worship Services for March 2021

April 4
“Hopping Down the Bunny Trail”
The Reverend Annie Foerster
The two most important holy days in the Christian church, Christmas and Easter, both have secular holidays hosted by almost cartoon characters. How did we get from a martyr’s death to a rabbit that delivers eggs from another species?

April 11
“Starting from a Lie”
The Reverend Annie Foerster
Our fourth principle encourages us toward a search for truth and meaning. How can we rely on what we discover if we’ve been lied to about the past? Let’s look at what got us into our current political and social situation in the first place and ask if we really know the truth of our own history.
This week’s service is a rebroadcast of an earlier service.  It is particularly timely as our congregation begins the Widening the Circle of Concern study-action program addressing the anti-oppression work we need to undertake, as individuals, and as a congregation.

April 18
“Thoughts on Loving First Jefferson”
Thomas Earthman
Let's talk about how much we love this church! And let's talk about whether the way we show our love is healthy. It is possible to love something the wrong way, to hold it too tightly or not be involved in a healthy way. It is even possible to love something to death. Join our Lifespan Religious Educator, Thomas Earthman for thoughts about the growth and future of First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church.

April 25
“Soon the Day will Arrive”
The Reverend Annie Foerster
We are getting closer and closer to the day when we will be celebrating together, working together and telling each other the stories of our months of separation. We will all have changed from the experience. Who will we become? How much say do we have in the matter?

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