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Worship Services for May 2021

May 2
“Second Hand Wisdom”
The Reverend Annie Foerster
How does one become wise? It doesn’t happen automatically just from living long. How does one recognize wisdom? If you agree, it must be true. Can you learn it from a book (or two)? Not if you choose the wrong book. Then how will I know when I’m become wise?

May 9
The Worship Arts committee presents a special virtual Sunday Service, newly developed and produced by the UU Ministry for Earth:
“Pathways to Healing & Regeneration”
When you imagine pathways to personal, social and ecological healing and regeneration, what do you see? Who is with you on your journey? What transforms and gives way to new beginnings? Who and/or what are you accountable to along the way? Join UU Ministry for Earth and The Reverend Yadenee Hailu for a special Earth Sunday worship service exploring these questions in a collective journey on the pathways to healing and regeneration. This program will include a special collection for the UU Ministry for Earth – donations are encouraged and received with deep gratitude.
Sermon Reflection by Rev. Yadenee Hailu
Rev. Yadenee Hailu (she/her) is an Ethiopian American, black woman based in Tulsa, OK, USA. She is a writer, speaker, facilitator and project manager. Her community ministry, blk earth, is a love letter to the earth and black people inviting all carbon life to return to rest and right-relationship as its baseline. She believes life’s first mandate is to flourish and it’s second is to heal. This is the mission blk earth supports for persons who desire to curate a lifestyle of healing and to shape their relationships/community towards wholeness.

May 16
“Let Me Tell You a Story”
The Reverend Annie Foerster
There is always a place in our service titled A Story For All Ages. It’s not by accident. Stories are a special kind of communicating. If I tell you what I think, you know my opinion. If I tell you the story of how I came to think it, then you know me. What’s your story?

May 23
“Understanding Theology”
The Reverend Annie Foerster
I took part in a discussion recently in which the term theology was defined by the group. Several people said it was the study of God and weren’t interested in it. To me, it’s a much larger concept than that. Before you discard it, you might want to look at what you’re missing.
I hope this will become the beginning of a series that looks at words and concepts we’ve discarded from outgrown faiths. Why let the devil have all the good words?


The Reverend Annie Foerster
The Reverend Annie Foerster

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