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Worship Services for February 2021
When I was in seminary, I kept a notebook with me at all times in which I might jot down ‘sermon ideas.’ I was reading many books for my classes, and each of them gave me dozens of ideas for worship in the future. I continued to add to the list during my first years in ministry. I learned early on what most new ministers learn—that it’s easy to put too many ideas into one sermon when you are excited about a book, or discussion, or experience that inspired it. I began to plan sermon-series—three, five or seven sermons that encompassed one book or one idea (remember my series on The Hero’s Journey?). I’ve decided try that idea out again for the rest of this year.

Here are five candidates for the series:

  • The Soul Matters Series to which we subscribe
  • Playing Ball on Running Water
  • Religion For Atheists
  • The Origins of Knowledge
  • UU Historical Documents

I’m sharing with you so you might understand my planning for the future. I Will share more with you about the origin of each series as I plan the services. Here are the services for February.

February 7
“Religion for Atheists”
The Reverend Annie Foerster
I have discovered over the years that many Unitarian Universalists cringe when they hear the word ‘religion,’ having learned in their youth that it means ‘Christianity as taught in the church in which they grew up.’ We have long been known as a faith of ‘Come-Outers,’ people who escaped from the church of their origin. More recent members tend to be ‘Come-Inners,’ people who are looking for a faith community because they were brought up in none. I want to reclaim words like religion and faith, because what we have in the Unitarian Universalist community is too important to be without them. I will begin a series, relying on Alain deBotton’s book, Religion for Atheists, which break down the boundaries of doctrine into words to live by. Chalica will be celebrated by Julie Hevelone, discussing our third principle.

February 14
“How is Your Heart?”
The Reverend Dr. Aija Duelm
On Valentine's Day we will focus on its symbol - the heart. We speak of the heart as a place where our feelings reside - joy, love, hurt, loneliness, and others. Our heart holds our deep desires, our longings, our passions. How is your heart? What is in your heart these days? Where is your heart leading you?

February 21
“The Mind As an Instrument of Understanding”
The Reverend Annie Foerster
In 1978 I purchased a small book by Jacob Bronowski for $7.95, titled The Origins of Knowledge and Imagination. It is one of those books that I have kept close to me for all this time. It has survived moves to seven different states and at least a dozen different dwellings. On the title page I wrote these words when I finished reading it: I drive my head to heights it’s never flown before. But, in doing so, I make it temporarily unfit for conversation or communicating. There is no study to tell me if this habit is cumulative or if I will ever recover from its effects. But it is worth it. It’s time for me to re-examine how this book changed me and to share its effects on me. This will be the beginning of a series exploring how we know and understand, how we learn and grow. Chalica will be celebrated by Mary Anne Clark discussing our fourth principle.

February 28
“Beloved Community”
The Reverend Annie Foerster
We tend to use the words ‘beloved community’ to embrace the people who attend the same church as we do. If that’s our sole definitions, then we are thinking too small. What if it means embracing all Unitarian Universalists? Think bigger? What if it means embracing all marginalized people and thinking of them, working to help them become equal in consideration and justice? Bigger yet? What if it means embracing all of humanity or all of creation? What does it mean to you to be a member of the Beloved Community? Chalica will be celebrated using our fifth principle.


The Reverend Annie Foerster
The Reverend Annie Foerster

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