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March 1
“No Charge for Services Rendered”
The Reverend Annie Foerster
When you come to church on Sunday, you don't have to buy a ticket, as you do at the movie theater. Why can't more things be free like that?

March 8
“Trickster Gods”
Turner Bridgforth
These deities and demigods have existed in many religions throughout the history of human worship, but why? What could a trickster possibly teach or offer us that is worth praise?

March 15
“Kwan Yin: Bodhisattva of Compassion”
The Reverend Annie Foerster
Kwan Yin is my favorite icon of the Buddhist tradition. Her birthday is celebrated this year on March 12. Let me tell you why she is on my list of heroes.

March 22
“Topic to be announced"
Guest Speaker
Check your weekly email for details.

March 29
“Wisdom is Earned, Not Studied"
The Reverend Annie Foerster
I remember how shocked I was when someone first said to me, "How did you get so wise?" I had thought my answer to their question had been pretty ordinary, but it was apparently something they hadn't thought of. Is wisdom, then, just a better response? How does one pass from smart (reading a lot of books), to experienced (living a varied life), to wise? I hope I have an answer by this Sunday.


The Reverend Annie Foerster
The Reverend Annie Foerster

The Reverend Marjorie Montgomery
The Reverend Marjorie Montgomery

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