First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church

Church building
Committee Chairs
Committee Chairs, Leaders and Contacts as of January 2020
Area: Education Coordinator
Adult Religious Education Committee Julia Sexton
Child and Youth Religious
Education Council
Mary West
Library OPEN
Sacred Hearth CUUPS
(Affinity Group)
Charlotte Bailey

Women's Alliance (Affinity Group) Laurie Mikitka
Area: Ministries Coordinator
Caring and Sharing Committee Betty Churchman
Committee on Ministries Bob Portman
Worship Arts Committee Julie Hevelone, Mary Kirwin.
Choir reporting happens through this
committee (Roy Redman, choir director).
Covenant Groups varies from group to group
Green Sanctuary Team Marianne Herrmann
Area: Outreach Coordinator
Publicity OPEN
Denomination Affairs
Social Justice OPEN
Membership Jude Olson
Mary Alice Williams
Peg Portman
Community Garden Manager Karl Thibodeaux
Area: Operations Coordinator
Building Committee Roy Brake
Kitchen Coordinator OPEN
Endowment Fund Connie Nolen
Grounds Joel Bailey
Personnel Committee OPEN
Area: Vice President
Service Auction
Stewardship Patrick Gutierrez

Comprehensive Planning Committee not yet assigned for year
Ad hoc committees assigned as formed
Area: Treasurer
Finance Committee Connie Nolen, Mary Kirwin.
Treasurer – Dan Sexton
Leadership Development
Adult Forum Lorraine Levine
Connections Team
Book Discussion Group Joan Carey
Strategic Planning
Women's Alliance Laurie Mikitka
Website - Webmaster Karl Thibodeaux

Last Updated on 1/9/2020

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