The Church council is a meeting of all of the current committees that are active in the church. The church council meets twice a year to coordinate church activities and discuss our goals and if we are accomplishing them.


Welcome – Rosalyn Hunter

Chalice lighting

Evaluating Mission /Vision Statements Annie Foerster

Cascading goals

Committee Reports

Extinguishing the Chalice   Annie Foerster



We met at 7pm.

Attending: Rosalyn Hunter, Annie Foerster, Jo Burnham, Julia Sexton, Mary Anne Clark, Mary Kirwin, Colleen Baker, Roy Brake, Christina LuQuis

Chalice Lighting

We discussed our mission and Vision Service.

We decided that we wish to have the congregation discuss a new vision Station.

Each committee discussed our Current plans and Goals

Warm wishes and praise.

Chalice extinguished at 8:49pm


Current Committees and Selected Report summaries:


Caring and Sharing








Name Change


Religious education – Child and Adult

Worship Arts

These committees do not currently have members. We need your help to get them started.

Social Justice

Green Sanctuary


Board of Trustee – Goals for 2022

• Encourage the Congregation to support Adult Literacy projects in addition to the Children’s Literacy program introduced in February in coordination with Reading Partners. We believe this is in keeping with our First Principle, Promoting the Inherent Worth and Dignity of Every Person, because no one can achieve that sense of worth and dignity of they cannot read

• Find ways to help the Congregation to include in its budget, pledge-supported projects that will fund un-filled Committees, like Social Justice and Green Sanctuary. We believe this is in keeping with our Second and Seventh Principles, Promoting Justice, Equity and Compassion in Human Relations and Promoting Respect for the Interdependent Web of All Existence of Which we are a part.

• Include activities to encourage Conflict Resolution and Practicing Difficult Conversations with one other, in order to maintain good relations within the congregation and promote those kinds of relations with other organizations within our sphere of influence.