FJUUC Building Report

Committee Head: Roy Brake

  • The committee is grateful for all the participants that contribute to keeping our building and grounds open and welcoming throughout the year. We have successfully re-opened to in-person services in September 2021, which continue through the peaks of Covid. Below are a few bullet points noting progress and challenges for the year 2022, and beyond:
  • It has been a year since the catastrophic flood in Jagger’s Parlor. Although it has been six months since the remodel was complete, we as a congregation have yet to complete the final tasks needed to reclaim the parlor as ours. The bathroom mirror, bathroom fixtures, artwork, and A/V system still need to be completed to fully return Jagger’s Parlor to its original state. An All-Church Cleanup is scheduled for March 19th from 9am-Noon to accomplish these and other tasks our cleaning crew does not attend to.
  • Jules Black and volunteers from the Sudbury School have worked together to plan and implement a much needed rejuvenation to the playground. The team reached out to community businesses to have tires donated, which are being used to create borders within the playground, in addition to making planter space for flowers and herbs. Their inspirational synergy can be used to leap frog onto other projects that benefit the church and the school in the future.
  • The west sanctuary A/C unit’s evaporator no longer drains properly and will need replacing. It is possible it will work for another summer, but not without attendance with each use. The ~20 year old unit utilizes Freon that is no longer permitted by today’s industry standards. Grant applications for greener sanctuaries may be of financial assistance for the church as the time nears to replace it.
  • The roof for the 2001 annex continues to age, and some shingles are missing. Members can perform minor repairs for the time being; however, the 21 year old roof shingles need replacing.
  • A cost-effective project of migrating fluorescent to LED lighting throughout the church would help brighten the foyer, RE bathrooms/hallways, and Coleman Hall. This eliminates failing fluorescent ballasts and saves electricity.