Membership Manager’s Report

Since my last report we have added two new members and an additional two of our regular visitors have expressed interest in joining. Current membership stands at 107 and I will be doing further refinement of the list over the next two weeks in preparation for a Congregational Certification which is due on February 4.

We now have three regular greeters who have agreed to be here on two consecutive weeks each, on overlapping Sundays, so that we can establish the continuity of visitor recognition that I’m working on. There is one additional person who is here most Sundays and can help as needed. Aija has also mentioned that she will available on her Sundays early to begin greeting those families with children who show up and might be interested in RE opportunities.

We have been trying a new policy of signing visitors up after the service unless it can be determined ahead of time that they are very interested in knowing more about us. (We are still welcoming them, talking to them, introducing them to others and asking them to put on nametags, of course.) This is a technique used in some other UU churches and it allows the visitor to get a better sample of what we have to offer during our services and have more time to visit with members before we ask them if they would like to be on our mailing list. In the past it was very common for individuals to come in one time, fill out the form, leave right after the service and then unsubscribe from our emails the following week.

By taking a little more time to discern who is most interested in what First Jefferson has to offer in the way of worship, fellowship, etc. my goal is to have a more meaningful email list and also to cut down on excess admin work time that leads nowhere. Although, I think it’s too early to tell much, I can at least say that we have not had any unsubscribes from our recent visitors in the last six weeks.

The members of First Jefferson have been doing a good job engaging with our visitors each Sunday, and the after-church coffee and conversation time continues to be a success. A variety of members have been having very enjoyable and lengthy conversations with those brave souls who venture through our doors for the first time. Thanks to all those members who have been so friendly and helpful as we continue to chart our new course forward in these different times.

Numbers (December 5, 2021–January 9, 2022):

Average attendance — 42

First time visitors — 24

Returning visitors — 9

New members — 2