Worship Arts Committee Report for Church Council on 2/21/22 – Worship Arts Committee members are Mary Kirwin, Chair, Ana Evans, Virginia Thornton, Mary Anne Clark (board & Music cmte), Music committee is Mary Anne Clark, Della Purdin, David Binde, Tech Team is Guy Thornton, Julie Hevelone, Patrick Gutierrez, A roster of more than 10 Co-Celebrants/lay leaders.


Future goal number one is to keep producing weekly Sunday services in light of Rev. Annie’s leaving on June 30, the transition period (July August), and then working closely with our new minister to orient and support them.


Goal number two is recruitment of a WArts co-chair and other committed WArts team members. As a church with part-time ministry it is critical to have two Co-Chairs to share the large amount of detailed work to ensure a successful service each week.


Goal number three is Create and Develop more new member-led services that serve our needs to live our seven principles.