Unitarian Universalist congregations, including our church, are founded on the mutual promises we make to one another about how we will live together. This covenant encourages us to bring our best selves to our relationships with one another. We commit to practice and promote these ideals intentionally so that we grow in spirit and deepen our connections with one another and all that is.

Our Relational Covenant

We promise:

•to promote kindness, love, and healthy relationships
•to give each other support, empathy and understanding

•to be mindful and considerate in all our interactions
•to clarify and respect personal boundaries and feelings
•to listen to one another and seek understanding

•to respect one another and appreciate the range of opinions among us
•to strengthen one another in our free and responsible search for truth and meaning

•to act in the knowledge that we are part of a large and diverse world community
•to work toward equity, justice, and compassion in all relations

•to practice forgiveness for ourselves and others so that when we fail to keep this covenant we can begin again in love

This covenant is a touchstone for nurturing ourselves, our church community, and supporting our work in the world. Through the covenant, we enrich our relationships with one another and serve others in accordance with our principles. We pledge to revisit and renew this covenant to sustain the vitality of our congregation in our ongoing quest for spiritual growth.